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Flight Tips That Will Make Travelling A Little Better

Flight Tips That Will Make Travelling A Little Better

Flight Tips That Will Make Travelling A Little Better

Let’s face it and be honest about it – flights can be a pain in the arse. That’s why today we’ll try to give you some proper flight tips that would enable you to travel and not go furious every time you enter the massive building called ”airport”. Here’s what we’re suggesting in order for you to keep your sanity:

1. Pack early

Probably the most overused tip of all flight tips I’ve ever read. However, pack your stuff early, make sure it’s all safely put in your suitcase/bag. Put all liquids in a plastic bag and put it in a place where you can easily reach it once you arrive at the check. I literally cannot count how many times I’ve seen people who have no idea they’ve got liquids in their bags, who carry more than the permitted 100 ml, how they’re totally unaware of the rules which are KNOWN to every person who’s seen an aeroplane in their life. And yes, I’m judging all of them. DON’T be that person! Prepare those liquids in advance, prepare your phone and laptop, if you’re carrying one, take them out of your bag and place them in the tray, as instructed by the staff.

2. Plan how you’ll get there in advance

If your dad/mum/sibling/grandma or whoever has been annoying you for ages telling you to ”double check if the taxi’s booked” and you’re sick of hearing it over and over again – I’m sorry. But I’ll do the same. Book a cab the evening before and don’t do it 2 hours before leaving your house. Or even worse, don’t do it as you’re walking out of your house!


3. Bring a book

Depends on how long your flights is, even if it’s 2 or 3 hours it’s always good to bring a book which you know you like, so you know you’ve got your time occupied. It’s also a great way to either ignore everything around you or fall asleep faster (is it just me that feels super sleepy after reading a book on the plane?)

4. Wear comfortable clothes

There’s a difference between wearing comfortable clothes, wearing shorts and flip flops and wearing a dress and heels. First of all, it’s an airport. Everyone is going somewhere, everyone is travelling, there’s no need to wear flip flops to additionally show you’re a holidaymaker and before you say ”but that’s how I feel comfortable!!” just don’t. Don’t wear flip flops. It’s gross. My advice for you is to wear some soft and not super skinny clothes that will allow you to sit for a long time without feeling like you’re in a latex costume. Just do yourself a favour.

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5. Bring headphones

Obviously, headphones are such an essential part of our lives now, it seems stupid to even mention them. But I felt like I need to since last time I flew the only thing that saved me from going insane with FIVE crying babies on board were my headphones, which I didn’t take off during the three-hour flight. Except for when I went to the loo, of course. Headphones can be a life-saver and make you ignore your surroundings so you don’t lose your cool!

6. Neck pillows

The last one of our flight tips. Although neck pillows can be perceived as something only grannies do, but they can be a life-saver if the person sitting behind you is being a jerk. Besides, it’s a known fact that unless you’re flying business, chances are your seat won’t offer you some amazing neck support. Bringing your own is being ahead of the game.

Are you thinking of using any of those flight tips? Comment below!

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