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Five Cute Brunch Places In Birmingham

Five Cute Brunch Places In Birmingham

Five Cute Brunch Places In Birmingham

Who doesn’t love to go for a really good brunch with friends? Whether you like it sweet or savoury, meaty or meat-free, filling or super light, Birmingham has plenty to offer in the way of brunch. You can find a great variety in Brum for you and your friends to stop off at during a day of shopping, or to pop along to with colleagues before work. Whatever it is you are looking for, Birmingham has it! So, here are five of the best and cutest brunch places to visit in Birmingham.

1. Boston Tea Party Birmingham

Boston Tea Party is probably one of the snazziest brunch places you will come across in Birmingham with their comfy, bright red sofas, it has got a nice bright feel to it. With a really varied mixture of sweet and savoury, hot and cold, healthy and unhealthy foods on offer, there is something for everyone at Boston Tea Party. You can find this cafe on Corporation Street, really near to New Street station – ideally placed for a quick brunch after hopping off the train in the morning.

Five Cute Brunch Places In Birmingham

2. Bill’s Birmingham Restaurant

Most of us will have heard of Bill’s, but did you know that they do some of the best brunch options ever? Brimingham’s Bill’s is well worth a visit if you’re looking for a really nice brunch in the centre of Brum. You can find Bill’s in the Bullring Shopping centre, making it a perfect pit stop if you’re in Birmingham for a day of shopping!

3. Gas Street Social

With large sharing tables, intimate booth areas and a cosy ‘social’ area, Gas Street Social is ideal for a brunch catch up with some old school or university friends, a brunch outing with colleagues, or even a big family brunch date. This particular place is also great for vegans and vegetarians, with a great variety of options available for you meat-free brunch lovers! You can find Gas Street conveniently located in The Mailbox.

Five Cute Brunch Places In Birmingham

4. Urban Cafe

If you are someone that really likes the industrial look, Urban Cafe will be right up your street. This cafe is perfect for summer brunching with a great outside seating area. Their brunch menu is pretty extensive, with everything from your good old classing English fry up, to your Instagrammable avocado on toast, and then some absolutely fantastic pancakes! Located on Warstone Lane in the Jewellery Quarter, it makes for the ideal stop off if you’re in or around Brum for the day.

5. Boo Boo Coffee Ltd

Located on the outskirts of Birmingham, in Harborne – ideal if you are looking for something out of the chaos of central Birmingham – Boo Boo offers a unique range of brunches. With eggy bread, sweetcorn fitters, coconut porridge, chorizo rostis and much more, there’s a lot of to choose from at Boo Boo outside of your classic avo on toast.

Five Cute Brunch Places In Birmingham

So, no matter what you like and whether you are a meat-eater or a veggie or vegan, a sweet or savoury brunch person, or a filling or light snack kind of brunch person, Birmingham has something on offer for everyone in the way of brunch. Give one of these five brunch places a go next time you are in Birmingham and let us know what you think – trust me they’re all well worth a visit. Also, let us know in the comments below what your go-to brunch order is and if you’ve visited any of these before or have a favourite brunch place of your own in Birmingham, pop it in the comments!

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