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9 Fitness Apps Everyone Should Have On Their Phones

9 Fitness Apps Everyone Should Have On Their Phones

9 Fitness Apps Everyone Should Have On Their Phones

If you’re like me and love health and fitness but maybe can’t seem to get motivated to go out and do stuff, then this my friend, is the article for you! I have heaps of fitness apps on my phone to help me with whatever fitness mood I may be in. There are all different kinds of fitness apps for all different kinds of exercises you may be looking to do. This can range from running, yoga, swimming, riding a bike, and so many more.

So here are nine fitness apps everyone should have on their phones!

1. Runkeeper

I love this app so much! When I first started running I downloaded the app onto my phone so it could help me track how fast I ran and the distance I would be covering. Not only did it track my running, but it can also track walking, swimming, riding a bike, and so much more!


You can change the settings to make it talk to you as often, or as little as you want where it tells you what your pace is and how many kilometres you have covered. I find this helps to push yourself a little harder each kilometre.

You can have competitions with friends (which my dad and I used to do) to see who can run the furthest distance in a month or just to help motivate each other. It’s a great fitness app and I highly recommend it!

2. Map My Walk

This app is awesome and so much fun! The thing I love most about this app is that if you love walking and do it frequently, it will find new and exciting tracks for you to cover and discover that you may have never heard of before. It records statistics such as pace, kilometres covered, how much you have walked in a month and keeps you accountable for any goals you may or may not have set.


You can also use it for other sports such a riding, running, or yoga so it can cover any fitness you might be into. It’s very fun and awesome to do with a friend!

3. Daily Yoga

This fitness app is a great tool if you’re a beginner who wants to start training yourself in yoga. It is a gentle way to get into yoga practise without having to pay the expensive fees. The app has various options so you can choose what level you may be at whether that is amateur, or professional.

It helps build core strength, muscular endurance, mindfulness, and breathing techniques. So if you’re a yoga lover looking for an awesome yoga app, try this one out!


4. MyFitnessPal

This app is awesome for a variety of reasons. Whether you may be trying to get into shape, lose weight, build muscle, or just overall start to become a fitness enthusiast, this app has it all. It helps track your diet and exercise and keep you accountable for the goals you may set.

If you’re into tracking calories (which I don’t really recommend especially if you’re new to fitness), it also does that too. It compares the calories coming in, to the calories that are going out. It helps you make healthier choices and caters to your needs and your goals.

5. 30 Day Fitness Challenge 

This app is so fun and exciting! If you’re more of a person who would rather workout at home then go to a stinky, sweaty gym, then this fitness app is the one you should be downloading now. There are detailed instructions and videos for whatever stage in your fitness you may be at such as amateur or professional.


It’s a 30-day challenge where you won’t be doing the same exercises every day. Its meant to challenge you, hence the title of the app.

6. Tabata Stopwatch Pro

I absolutely LOVE tabata. It’s so much fun and such a challenge when you push yourself. The tabata app helps you time your workouts and lets you know when to begin them, and when to finish them. The app talks to you and has awesome fun music to help get you through your workout and you can choose how long you want to go for.

If you don’t really know what exercises you want to be doing, you can let the app choose for you and tell you what to do. For 40 seconds you may be doing burpees, then having a 10-second rest before you begin the next lot of exercises.

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Try it! I can guarantee you will love it.

7. Nike Run Club

This one is awesome if you’re a runner and enjoy cardio workouts. The app helps track your distance, provides audio-guided runs if you’re a beginner, and has personalised plans for those who are in training for marathons. It helps you build pace, strength, endurance, distance, and so much more for your cardiovascular health.


You can also make personal Spotify playlists to help keep your pace each time you run so you can beat your personal best or increase time or distance. It makes running really fun and enjoyable!

8. FitBod

This fitness app is great if you’re a weight lifter or just looking to increase your muscle mass and overall strength. It plans what you need to do in order to gain more muscle and strength so all you need to do it listen to it and do what it tells you. It also gives you step by step guides as to how to complete certain exercises as the form is so important particularly when lifting weights!

9. Keelo

This app is designed for HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts for all you HIIT lovers out there! The workouts last between seven and 20 minutes and are fun and fast-paced. It focuses on all the muscle groups and makes sure it gives you exercises in which you work all of them.


Monday may be legs whereas Tuesday may be arms. It doesn’t let you miss a muscle group!

Let me know what your favourite fitness app are in the comments below!

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