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15 Fit AF Ways To Wear A Denim Skirt

15 Fit AF Ways To Wear A Denim Skirt

Love your classic denim skirt, but not sure how to style? Check out these different ways to wear a denim mini skirt to keep you looking fit AF!

Denim skirts are a huge fashion trend this season, so go grab one now! The great thing is that they are so versatile and are such a great staple piece to have in your wardrobe! They can be dressed up or down and can be worn with other items to create so many different looks; from super sexy, to sporty casual! It can be hard to know how to or what to wear with a denim skirt, so here are 15 ways to make you look fit AF in yours!

1. Off the Shoulder

A really cute summer option that pairs perfectly with denim skirts are off the shoulder tops! Not only is the cut super feminine, but it’s also sexy! With so many styles to choose from, this look can be perfect for both day and night! Try a looser, white top for a day in the sun or a tight black number for a night out with the girls! I love the 80’s vibe that these have!


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2. Hoodie

Comfort chic! Perfect for travelling and also keeping you cosy; why not pair your favourite hoodie with your skirt for a girly street-style look? This look is also great for winter or those colder days and also looks great in combo with some trainers to achieve that sporty style!


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3. Bodysuit

Another great option for summer that is both versatile for day and nighttime looks! Although simple, it is also super sexy – so it’s perfect if you’re going on a date! This is also great for the curvy women out there; as sometimes flowy tops aren’t as flattering if you have large boobs and a small waist, but this will make sure to show off your envious figure!


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4. Crop Top

Want to show off that summer bod? What a better way than to rock a cute crop with your skirt! There are so many different styles of crop tops, there is bound to be one that you love! It’s also a perfect holiday look, which will keep you cool in those sunny rays!


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5. Jumper

Winter is coming! I know that’s cynical but, being nearer to December than the beginning of the year, it’s never too late to get planning! Denim skirts aren’t just for summer! Pair yours with a sweet sweater and some tights for the perfect winter outfit!


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6. T-shirt

Casual but cute! Why not pair your favourite band tee with your denim skirt for a toned down but fun look! If you’re looking for a more ‘put together’ look, try tucking it in. If you feeling a bit more dressed down, then maybe wear an oversized tee just hanging free and going with the flow!


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7. Bralette

SEX APPEAL LEVEL 100! If you’re trying to turn up the heat, then combine your fav denim skirt with your sexiest bralette and leave little to the imagination! Again, (if you’re brave enough) why not rock this out on the town! Check out Khloe Kardashian sporting this fit AF look!


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8. Add A Jacket

Just because you’re wearing a skirt doesn’t mean it has to be all girly and florals; add a little bit of edge to your look by adding a statement jacket to your outfit! Whether it is a slick black leather jacket or a bomber jacket you’re opting for, it will add that perfect touch to your outfit, that will keep you looking stylish.


9. Shirt

Shirts and skirts are the ultimate combo! Your shirt and denim skirt will look so chic paired with some strappy heels, and it creates the perfect girly, brunch outfit! Shirts are also great if you’re trying to look a little more mature, so will be great for more casual work events and parties. Lets call it sophisticated and subtly sexy.


10. Boots

Shoe choice can seriously change an entire outfit! Even with boots, there are so many different types that can change an outfit according to where you’re going. For example, wellie boots look amazing paired with a denim skirt, as not only are they super practical for festival season in unpredictable British weather, but they are also adorable! But, if you paired it with an over-the-knee boot, that’s on a whole other sexy scale!


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11. Roll Neck

Another winter winner… you can never go wrong with a roll neck. Whether it is sleeveless or long-sleeved, there is something about this look that is super stylish and sophisticated. Of course, there is the plus side of your neck being kept warm in those chilly months, but let’s be honest – it’s all about the aesthetic.


12. Double Denim

Throwing it back to the AMA’s in 2001 where Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake showed us how to rock double denim! Just kidding… well sort of. A lot of the time people are scared to try wearing more than one denim piece but, I think the key is confidence! If you think you look good then, well honey, why not?


13. Heels

Feeling fancy? Why not show off those amazing legs of yours with some cute heels! Not only will this completely transform the look of the denim skirt from sweet and innocent to hot mama, they also glam up the ‘daytime’ denim skirt, making it the perfect choice for a few drinks with your girls in that new wine bar you’ve been dying to try!


14. Skirt Colour

Just because it’s denim doesn’t mean it has to be blue! Why not change up the traditional denim skirt and opt for some colour? This way you can also make an outfit look super girly, more edgy or even just a little more vibrant!


15. Trainers

Love this look! One of my favourite fashion trends over the last year has been  white trainers! My personal favourites to pair with a denim skirt would be the original Adidas superstars! Not only does the combination of black and white look sleek and sporty but it also pairs really well with a denim skirt! I love this look because it gives the girliness of the skirt a little sporty edge!


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This is 15 fit AF ways to wear a denim skirt that you should definitely try out for yourself! Make sure to let me know what you thought in the comments down below!
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