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First 5 Steps To Becoming More Environmentally Friendly

First 5 Steps To Becoming More Environmentally Friendly

It's never too late to start being more environmentally friendly and it doesn't have to be hard! Check our list of first five steps you can start taking!

Unfortunately, due to our reckless consumption and production of plastic and all kinds of materials that pollute, our planet is in great danger. It’s up to us as young people to ensure we change our lifestyle to guarantee the well-being of our home, the Earth.

Up until a year ago, I was quite unaware of how serious the pollution problem is. However, a close friend of mine changed the way I look at those issues and encouraged me to change my lifestyle with some environmentally friendly baby steps:

1. Recycling

Recycling is widely used in the UK, however, there are still areas where people are very uninterested in recycling and using their bins the right way.  It’s fairly easy to get used to diving your rubbish by cardboard, glass and plastic. It’s absolutely worth it to try and buy things with packaging that you can recycle! Besides, it feels good knowing you’re using your bins the right way and you’re a part of an environmentally friendly community.


2. Bags

As a person who was used to using various plastic bags for no apparent reason, it took me some time to just stop buying one every time I went to the supermarket. However, once you start carrying a bag in each handbag or backpack you have, it becomes a habit and feels natural. Also, if you’re a person who prefers backpacks over handbags, you can store many of your items in the backpack itself.

3. Ditching your car

Personally, I see car ownership as something unnecessary but that’s just me! Not only it’s very expensive to own a car, pay for insurance and petrol and all the taxes, but you also get stuck in traffic all the time! I know that it can be very convenient for when you feel like going on a road trip but in cases like those you and your mates can simply just rent one. In situations where the public transport in your area is incredibly unreliable (thankfully, I don’t have that problem) you could try using one vehicle for you and your housemates.

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4. Reusable cups

If you happen to be a coffee or a tea addict, chances are you visit your local Costa, Starbucks or Nero weekly, if not daily. Obviously, you’ve heard about bringing your own cup to the coffee shop, trust me, no one is looking at you strangely! In fact, most people would feel slightly embarrassed for not doing the same. Another option that’s even cheaper, is bringing your own homemade tea/coffee to uni/work. It takes space, that’s true, so you could opt for that when your bag/backpack isn’t as full because it really can be a pain…

5. Going to local shops instead of big supermarkets

It’s a no brainer, supermarkets are very convenient and have all the things we need. However, as you probably know, they’re also the main plastic producers. All of those giant corporations are using palm oil which is harming the rainforests and is the reason why animals are being forced to escape. I’m not saying it’s possible to ditch supermarkets altogether, of course, but trying to visit small shops every once in a while can be a fun experience and helps you to be more environmentally friendly.

There are many more ways in which you could improve your impact on the environment such as using a wooden toothbrush, paper straws, avoiding real fur in clothes and ditching fast fashion. It’s never too late to start recycling and encourage others to do so too! Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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