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10 First Date Tips For Guys That Are Crucial To Follow

10 First Date Tips For Guys That Are Crucial To Follow

Here are our best first date tips for guys, that will definitely help you get that second date! Be yourself and remember to have fun!

Here are some first date tips for guys who may be a little nervous asking a new girl on a date. Growing up in the Tinder generation means that the first date is an all too familiar scenario for many of us nowadays. Sometimes you’re lucky, your instincts serve you right and the first meeting is a success. Other times, you might live the disaster first date you’ve always dreaded, brought to life before your own eyes. The dating game has changed a lot over the generations, so here’s some tips for guys that will help to make that first date a good one!

1. Take Her Somewhere She’ll Feel Comfortable

This is a crucial one when it comes to first date tips for guys! The first date can be nerve racking enough without the pressure of the location, and the last thing you want is for it to feel like you have an audience. The obvious choice of taking her out for dinner is perhaps outdated – why not go to a concert? Or to an exhibition? Try and find out what she likes and see what’s going on in your city!

2. Stay Off Your Phone

Put it on silent. Put it in your pocket. Forget about it. As soon as you bring out your phone, all illusion of interest in the date can be potentially shattered, as it suddenly seems like you’ve got other priorities to attend to. If you can’t trust yourself not to glance at it, just switch it off and eliminate all temptation!


Here are our best first date tips for guys!

3. Ask Creative Questions

This is one of our best first date tips for guys! Asking questions shows that you have a real interest in your date, and the more creative you get, the more memorable the experience will be for both of you. Keep questions appropriate, of course, but try make it fun! E.g. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

4. Listen To Her

Perhaps the most important tip of them all, listening is essential on any first date. There’s no point in asking questions if you’re not going to listen and react. It’s usually pretty obvious when someone isn’t really listening to what you’re saying, so focus on staying engaged while helping her get to know you too.


5. Don’t Be Shy

Shyness can be a real obstacle when dating, but you can still come across as confident in spite of how you may be feeling on the inside. Just remember that confidence is often a very important factor when it comes to attraction, so force yourself to make eye contact and try to engage in the moment. You can always channel any initial shyness into listening!

Here are our best first date tips for guys!

6. Make Her Laugh

It’s an obvious cliché, but it can’t be denied that the key to any girl’s heart is laughter. Don’t take yourself too seriously, smile, make jokes, and be yourself! Those dreaded first date nerves will always be eased by a little bit of laughter.


7. Don’t Talk About Past Relationships

This is a big no-no. And a huge red flag.  She doesn’t want to hear about your ex-girlfriend(s), and she probably doesn’t want to tell you about her past relationships either. The first date is about the both of you getting to know each other and no one else, so try keep conversation topics light and avoid anything too serious or heavy.


8. Give Her The Option To Pay

It’s a common misconception that the guy should pay for everything on the first date. The truth is, it’s a matter of opinion and preference. Some people like to split it 50/50, others do the ‘I’ll get this, then you get that’ method, and then there’s the old fashioned ‘He pays for everything’. Try and read the situation, and if she wants to pay, let her!

Here are our best first date tips for guys!

9. Be Honest

There’s nothing more refreshing than when a guy can be completely open and sincere from the beginning, avoiding nasty surprises further down the line. Be honest about your hopes and intentions, it will go a long way.


10. Ask Her On A Second Date

Don’t leave the date on a cliff hanger. She wants to know if you’re going to see each other again, and she wants to know when. If the first date went well, try and arrange a second. Be enthusiastic, what’s the worst that could happen?

There you have it! Our best first date tips for guys! Now go ahead, ask her out! Let us know which tips work best for you in the comments below!

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