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10 First Date Ideas That Won’t Make You Feel Broke AF

10 First Date Ideas That Won’t Make You Feel Broke AF

First dates are not easy. They involve a lot of thinking, planning and sometimes a lot of money. But we listed 10 first cheap dates ideas that will work!

First dates… UGHH! Right? First dates are not only embarrassing but you also need to put a lot of effort to organise a good one. Usually, it’s the guy who needs to come up with the first date idea. My boyfriend brought me to a pub… He is Irish so I believe that was his idea of a romantic but casual date. The truth is, when it comes to first date ideas, we are all hopeless. It is not easy at all. You need to decide whether the place is good enough or too intimate for a first date, is the atmosphere perfect for a chat or is it too chaotic, you also need to tell your date where you guys are going. Especially if she is a girl. Sure, surprises are nice but not for first dates. I would need to know what to wear.

There is also another important thing to considerate: the budget. Let’s say you don’t want to spend your savings on a date that might go wrong, but still want to have fun and have a nice evening. We put together 10 first date ideas that will make you enjoy your date and save your money.

10 First Date Ideas That Won’t Make You Feel Broke AF


 Roller Skating/ Cycling

Summer is here and we have been blessed with nice weather, so put your roller blades on and have a nice stroll in the park. If you don’t have roller blades you can always use a bike. You don’t have a bike either? Well, you are not making it easy but hire one! It is only £2 per hour and unless you are running a marathon, which you won’t do on your first date, one hour it is enough. This first date idea will be funny and sporty.

10 First Date Ideas That Won’t Make You Feel Broke AF

Find the best happy hours

This first date idea is for people that love pubs. London is full of happy hour bars and they usually serve drinks with small appetisers.


Ice cream date

Maybe one of the oldest first date idea, but hey it always works! I would say go for it, ice cream is the key to every woman’s heart. You can sit down by the park and talk. If you want to make things funnier, let your date choose the ice cream flavour for you!


Now, I know what you are all thinking: it is expensive. Well, it’s not! Most gyms offer classes for free if it’s your first time. So, book a try-out class and you will walk in there without spending a penny. Yoga as a first date idea is funny and relaxing.


Go look at houses together

Not for you guys to move in obviously! But it can be fun pretending to be other people and you can test your date level of adventure. Open houses are a common thing and you don’t need to pay to visit one.

Visit a museum

I have always found museums so fascinating. I would imagine staring at a painting only to find out my future other half next to me. If you have seen Gossip Girl, you know what I am talking about – Blair and Louis. Going to a museum as a first date idea can be a cool experience, especially if you are both into art and paintings.  The National Gallery museum holds some of the best paintings in the world.

10 First Date Ideas That Won’t Make You Feel Broke AF

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Picnic at the park

Another cliché first date idea, but for a good reason. Summer is so hot and perfect for a lovely relaxing date at the park. You do not have to make all the food at home, I mean that would be a bonus, but Tesco and Sainsburys do £3 meal deals.

Romantic Stroll

One of my absolute favourite first date ideas! However, before you get into a car with a complete stranger try to get to know him/her a bit better. Before the stroll go for a coffee, so we avoid dangerous situations. Make sure he has a valid driving licence! This date also works if you don’t have a car (or a driving licence) because you can always walk around the park.


Visit a market

Small markets are the best. This first date idea always works well because it’s an open-air date, so you can feel safe. Remember this is the first time you are meeting each other, plus it can give you a lot of different things to discuss.

Open air cinema

I usually don’t recommend the cinema as a first date idea, because you can’t really have a conversation. However, open-air cinemas are way better and you do not have to follow all those strict rules, so you will be able to have a chat and watch the movie.


What is your ideal first date idea? If you try one of these ones let us know how it goes!!

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