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15 Films You Need To See In 2019

15 Films You Need To See In 2019

Keeping up with the best films or the must-see films every year is not very easy. Sometimes life gets in the way or you are just not that fussed about seeing a film in the cinema. Because of the constant stream of new releases, you could easily end up missing out on some good films.

Thankfully streaming services, DVDs and even some independent cinemas provide us with a chance to catch up on some films we have missed out on. Here are the 15 films you need to see in 2019. 

1. The Goldfinch

Yes, it’s the guy from The Fault In Our Stars and the kid from Stranger Things. Now, let’s move past that and discuss the potential of this film. It’s based on the book The Goldfinch which won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2014. A great cast, excellent source material, and a promising trailer


2. Midsommar

This was one of the most anticipated films of 2019 for the lovers of Ari Aster and Herediatary. It’s definitely a film which people either love or hate. The narrative is not going to appeal to all, however, it will draw you in. The editing and cinematography are excellent and the acting is brilliant. It’s an interesting experience and worth a watch. 


3. Plus One

This is a good romantic comedy. Great pairing of the leads and the humour is on point. It is a great film to watch when you are looking for something light but also not overly clichéd. It’s a contemporary and interesting take on the genre and it can make a pretty enjoyable watch. 

4. Captain Marvel

This film has definitely had a lot of hype surrounding it. Brie Larson takes on the role of Captain Marvel – one of the most powerful heroes on Earth. The music is interesting, the humour is good and the film definitely starts well, maybe doesn’t quite live up to the hype.


Maybe they were trying to fit a bit too much into one film. In general, it’s an entertaining enough Marvel film and it’s worth watching so you can form your own opinion about it. 

5. Toy Story 4

As a trilogy Toy Story was a great set and many people were not sold on Toy Story 4. Truthfully, most (I dare not say all) probably thought it was going to be a disaster. This film is going to surprise everyone, it’s emotionally rewarding and there is so much to enjoy in it.


And Bo Peep is awesome in this film! All in all, it does not disappoint and delivers the same quality as the previous three. 

6. Can You Forgive Me

This is one of the films where the ‘based on a true story’ line ads an extra layer, without allowing the film to compromise on quality. McCarthy’s performance is excellent and the film is worth watching not only for the story but also for her performance. The brilliant acting combined with great filmmaking (amazing direction by Marielle Heller) has definitely resulted in one of the most engaging films of the year. 


7. The Art Of Self-Defence 

Flip Karate Kid upside down and you get The Art Of Self-Defence. The satire is well used and makes an amusing film. It’s basically a comedy about toxic masculinity, so it’s easy to laugh at.

There’s definitely some comparison to Fight Club but this has a different approach to the subject and manages to stay a few steps away from Fight Club. The performances and satire make this movie worth a watch. 


8. IT: Chapter Two

An anticipated sequel, which is definitely a must see for horror buffs. The trailer definitely looks promising and the cast is quite impressive. It’s definitely one of the films that make the must see list of the year. It’s an iconic horror based on one of the best Stephen King novels. It’s going to be an exciting watch. 

9. Hail Satan? 

Official Sundance Selection usually means it’s worth a watch. This documentary will definitely expand your knowledge and show you an interesting point of view. Honestly, it’s smart, it’s hilarious and it’s definitely a must-see. 


10. US

After Jordan Peele’s success with Get Out, there was definitely hype around US. And it doesn’t disappoint. It’s yet another inventive and ambitious horror film. It’s not perfect, but most films aren’t.

It’s a film made by an attentive director, which features great performances. It’s one of the must-see films of 2019. 

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11. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World 

Animated films are just as important as other genres. The How To Train Your Dragon series has definitely been one of the best trilogies in animated history. The characters grown and evolve, the stakes get higher with each new film and the trilogy ends bitter-sweet.

It’s a great animation on its own, but it’s even better when looked at as the final segment of a great journey. Definitely, a must-see if you enjoy animations or are looking for something to restart your love for them. 


12. Ash Is Purest White

A tragicomedy, which builds up to an epic narrative. The performances are brilliant, raising the emotional stakes in the story. If you find yourself a bit bored with superhero films and the traditional Hollywood action movies, this will definitely be a breath of fresh air. When it comes to the filmmaking, it’s outstanding, exemplary and all that’s to be expected of Zhangke Jia. 


13. Amazing Grace

A must-see documentary about one of the greatest singers of all time – Aretha Franklin. Fans of the singer are going to love this film and getting the opportunity of seeing performances up close. All you need to describe this film is the name, Aretha Franklin.

That’s what the film is and that’s what it set out to be. It is a very rewarding experience for the music lovers out there. 


14. Long Day’s Journey Into Night 

The visuals in this film are amazing. The atmosphere is extremely well created, the cinematography is brilliant and the film is perfect for those who love journeys without focusing so much the destinations. Prepare yourself for a narrative that won’t be easy to follow and an aesthetic that will mesmerise. 

15. The Souvenir

An aesthetically pleasing coming-of-age drama with a very unique style and an intriguing story. This film demonstrates Joanna Hogg’s rich filmmaking. It is a very intriguing story, which builds slowly and with deliberation. It’s definitely a film worth seeing. 


What are your favourite films from 2019? Share in the comments!

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