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10 Films You Can Cry On When Really, Really Sad

10 Films You Can Cry On When Really, Really Sad

Sad films are good for the soul from time to time. Make sure you check our list of sad films for the next time you need a crying session.

Sad films are a necessary part of our lives as girls. You just cannot function without them, whether it’s your period again, you just got broken up with, your day is going shit or you just feel like watching a sad film. Hence why, we thought it’s a very good idea to make a list of ten sad films you can watch, either on your own or with your mate(s) and sob whenever needed… we understand. So, let’s dive into the list and see how depressing are the films we’ve selected. First one is:

1. Midnight Sun

This film is about a girl (Bella Thorne) who has the disease xeroderma pigmentosum, which prevents her from being able to be out during the day. Then she meets a boy (the gorgeous Patrick Schwarzenegger) and it gets very tricky and hard for her because she isn’t sure if she should tell him about her condition or not. One thing is certain though, it gets upsetting and you’ll cry.

2. Keith

Keith is an American independent film from 2008 but despite the fact that it’s a little bit old, it’s still a classic. The film shows us the story of Natalie – a high school senior who thinks she has all aspects of life figured out. One day at school she meets her new chemistry partner, Keith, and is quite annoyed by him. Ultimately, though, she ends up falling for him and discovers the secret that Keith has been keeping from everyone. It’s a good film to cry on, reminds us what’s important in life.


10 Films You Can Cry On When Really, Really Sad

3. Teenage Dirtbag

The film tells the story of a popular girl in high school, who keeps getting harassed by a guy. That is until they’re placed in the same creative writing class and slowly start building a special bond. Unfortunately, because of the different worlds, they come from, that bond can’t withstand the social pressures they both face. Ends very interestingly.

4. Now Is Good

Dakota Fanning is a girl dying of leukemia who compiles a list of things she wishes to do before she runs out of time. And the top of that list is losing her virginity…


10 Films You Can Cry On When Really, Really Sad

5. The Fault in Our Stars

One of the sad films classics, the novel turned into a film is just perfect for crying your eyes out because it’s so, so sad. In case you don’t know what it’s about, the film tells the story of two teenage cancer patients who begin a journey to visit a reclusive author in Amsterdam.

6. If I Stay

Chloe Grace Moretz’s character is put in a come after a terrible car accident. She experiences an out-of-body experience and faces a dilemma – should she wake up and experience one very different life or should she stay asleep forever?


10 Films You Can Cry On When Really, Really Sad

7. Me Before You

Sam Claffin and Emilia Clarke star in this adorable and lovely film. When a small town girl grows a bond with a recently-paralysed young man, things change…

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8. Dear John

Dear John is another sad film classic with one of our favourites – Channing Tattum and the cute Amanda Seyfried. You’ll be mad, you’ll cry, everything’s in the package.

10 Films You Can Cry On When Really, Really Sad

9. The Longest Ride

Clint Eastwood’s son – Scott Eastwood, stars in this drama about a young couple, whose lives intertwine with a much older man, who’s reflecting back on his past love. Made by Nicholas Spark’s novel, which means it’s guaranteed to make you sob like a baby.


10. The Lucky One

Another handsome bloke, this time Zac Efron, who’s a Marine, travels back to Lousiana after serving three tours in Iraq. He’s looking for the unknown woman that he’s convinced was his good luck charm during the war.

10 Films You Can Cry On When Really, Really Sad

Do you think we did well with the list of sad films? Let us know below!

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