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Top 10 Films For The Ultimate Feel-good Marathon

Top 10 Films For The Ultimate Feel-good Marathon

Top 10 Films For The Ultimate Feel-good Marathon

Sometimes, you really need a pick-me-up. You need to chill in your PJs with a bowl of popcorn and a few feel-good films.

There are so many incredible films out there, many very intense emotional roller coasters that probably won’t do your bad mood much good. It’s easy to spend longer picking the perfect one than actually watching it. So if you need something to lift your spirits and cut down your decision time, have a look at this list and see which of these feel-good films will make your night perfect.

1) Love Actually

Who says this is just a Christmas film? Sure, it’s not truly Christmas until Emma Thompson is making a lobster costume but young Thomas Brodie-Sangster is heartwarming year-round. So put it on and dance like Hugh Grant. You’ll be smiling in no time.


2) Shrek

This is very different to the classic rom-com associated with movie nights,  but Shrek was the second most given answer to “what’s your favourite feel-good film?” Probably because of the nostalgia. This throwback is enough to brighten any day. SomeBODY once told me the world was gonna roll me.

3) Cool Runnings

It’s not just a sports film, it’s an incredible, uplifting underdog story. It’s not often films based on true events are so feel-good but this one is spot on. It’s impossible to not be happy for the team by the end of the film.

4) Paddington

Obviously, this is also based on a true story… or maybe it was a book. Either way, this laugh out loud film is adorably animated and will warm even the coldest of hearts. And more Hugh Grant – anyone sensing a theme yet?


5) The Greatest Showman

Ladies and gents this is the moment you’ve waited for! Surely, you knew this would make the list.  A musical is bound to cheer anyone up. All those upbeat songs are such toe-tappers and we all love a happily ever after. Also, we all love Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron, am I right?

6) Mamma Mia

Another musical to put a smile on your face. It’s got love stories, hilarious friendships and some incredibly catchy musical numbers. Just don’t torture yourself with the pain of the sequel, that’s sure to dampen your mood on your feel-good night.

7) Forest Gump

Run, Forest, Run!


Forest is an inspiration with this child-like optimism and can act as the ultimate pick-me-up when you’re down.

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8) School of Rock

Lose yourself in 109 minutes of pure chaos. The dream substitute teacher, Dewey Finn, will take you away from this world for a couple of hours and cheer you up. With a 91% Rotten Tomatoes review, you know you have to watch it and live vicariously through the students. Is that iCarly with Jack Black?


9) Groundhog Day

A film that will make you feel good over and over again (get it?). Sure, it’s sad at times but it can’t be argued that the closer you get to the end, the more uplifting it becomes. The ending is so bittersweet. And Bill Murray is ever the entertainer.

10) The Muppets

Sometimes you need to take a step back to 2011 and be a child again for a while. Life is stressful but the Muppet gang isn’t. A bit of Disney can get you out of any stress-induced breakdown.

So, ten films from a multitude of genres that all have the same effect – make you forget about your crappy day and cheer you up. Grab that blanket and snuggle down now.

What’s missing from the list? Leave your suggestions in the comments!