7 Feta Cheese Recipes You Need To Try

7 Feta Cheese Recipes You Need To Try

Feta cheese is one of those secret delicacies you happen to ignore while strolling through Tesco or another big supermarket. I don’t know why so many of us are neglecting this sacred source of protein (except for the vegans, I fully understand you guys) but what I’ll try to do today is inspire you and make you incorporate this tasty, white cheese into your diet. Feta cheese recipes might not be the first thing to pop in your head when you’re thinking of dinner ideas for tonight but I guarantee that after checking our list, you’ll get inspired:

1. Greek salad

Not many of my friends eat salads and even less of them have tried Greek-inspired cuisine. But they’re missing out on so much! The first one of our feta cheese recipes is the Greek salad, which is incredibly easy to do and also super tasty. Here’s how to make the salad: chop some tomatoes, a cucumber, one or two raw peppers, add the feta cheese in a few small blocks, also add black olives, salt and some basil if you want that authentic Greek salad taste. Some people like to add onions as well, that’s entirely up to you, I skip them because I despise onions. However, there’s one very important ingredient you mustn’t forget about! Olive Oil. Make sure that you use olive oil instead of vegetable oil because not only it’s extremely healthy but it’s the proper way to make a Greek salad.

7 Feta Cheese Recipes You Need To Try

2. Feta cheese pasta

I don’t know if it sounds rather unusual but having pasta with some tomato sauce and feta cheese is actually mouthwatering and yes, I am craving this dish RIGHT NOW. Again, it’s beyond simple to make it and all you’ll need is some pasta such as penne or fusilli, a jar of tomato sauce and feta cheese, the quantity depending on how cheesy you like your pasta. Personally, I like to add the feta cheese on top of the tomato sauce and crumbling it with my hands. Yummy!

3. Shopska salad

If you’re reading this point while thinking ”what the hell is a shopska salad” then you’ve probably never been to Sunny beach, I’m proud of you, keep it that way! Shopska salad is a traditional Bulgarian salad that all foreigners seem to just LOVE. It’s somewhat similar to the Greek salad but still different. To make the Shopska salad again you’ll need to chop some tomatoes, a cucumber, raw or cooked peppers, lots of onion and parsley. Of course, you add the feta cheese too. It’s very simple and you can brag in front of your mates that you’re eating some foreign Eastern European cuisine inspired salads.

7 Feta Cheese Recipes You Need To Try

4. Feta sandwiches for lunch

Maybe it’s because of where I grew up but one thing that holds a special place in my heart is my childhood memories when I loved having a thick white slice of bread, some butter on it, sliced tomato and a block of feta cheese on top. I could probably eat it for days. Why I’m giving you this idea? I want to inspire you to try some different sandwich versions other than the basic ham and cheese toastie!

5. Feta inspired stuffing

Feta cheese recipes don’t necessarily have to be boring or all about salads. This recipe could be a great solution for when you’re feeling like making something half-lazy half-fancy. If a baked potato can be fancy… Never mind, just mix the feta cheese with some herbs, such as basil or oregano and put that mixture in a potato which you’ll then bake.

7 Feta Cheese Recipes You Need To Try

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6. With cooked vegetables

Why not have some feta cheese with cooked vegetables, instead of fresh ones? The idea is equally as good and equally as tasty.

7. Have it with your avocado!

You might find the combination odd but don’t forget there are people on this planet who eat the avocado with sugar (if you’re one of those people – my sincere apologies)!!!. It can’t any grosser than that. Adding feta cheese to your bowl of avocado and other veggies can be a tasty experience!

7 Feta Cheese Recipes You Need To Try

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