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8 Festival Outfits You Need For Your Next Festival

Festivals are a huge thing nowadays, and people are going to more and more as the years pass. There is also more festivals coming about now that the ones we know about are becoming even more popular. Get into your Festival vibe with these cute festival outfits, and have those heads turning!

1. Cheetah Print Dress

This swift cheetah print dress will be the perfect look for a festival this summer regardless of sun or cloud. Rock this dress and be turning heads whilst you’re in your ultimate comfort zone. This can be paired with chunky boots, or even wellies. Mix it with the accessories you think will compliment it at your next festival! Festival outfits are easy when you’re comfy as well as beautiful.

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2. Checked Shorts & Plain Crop Top

This is a cute go to festival outfit paired with accessories to give yourself that colour pop. This is perfect matched with the new trendy sunglasses that are a big trend right now, small and unpractical but perfect for the gram. Get yourself looking Instagram ready with this outfit at your festivals this summer!

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Price for Shorts: £43

Price for Cropped Top: £8

3. Denim Short shorts & A Red Bodysuit.

Now this screams festival outfit. Nothing crazy, but when you’re bringing the short shorts it’s like the go to festival look when it comes to festivals. Festival outfits are great when they’re simplistic, because when you’re adding face glitter, can you go wrong? This another comfortable outfit option, which will help you in those long days of festival dancing in the sun. 

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4. Sheer Dress & Black Bodysuit

Festival outfits, especially Coachella, are all about getting body parts out. If you’re prepped to get your legs out because your face tan is bomb, then pair a black bodysuit with a sheer dress to get the people looking. This is a cute festival outfit if you’re experiencing one somewhere reasonably hot, but don’t make the mistake of wearing this in the rain… unless you want the flu!

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5. Checked Trousers & Bralet

Checked Trousers, can you go wrong? The answer is no.  Living it up in checked trousers is the best thing ever. They’re perfect for every music genre at a festival, if you’re someone that loves Rock and pop, this outfit is a great one to wear at either a rock festival like Download or even something mixed like Parklife. Get your bralet on with your groovy trousers, and enjoy the festival. I’m sure everyone will be ‘CHECKing’ you out…

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6. Laced Bodysuit & Flared Trousers

Get ready to party in this all black festival outfit! Paired with some cute flared trousers, and a sexy black bodysuit. Can you say no? This is perfect for first time festival go-ers. It’s so hard to pick just a few festival outfits, but this is comfortable appropriate and perfect to dance around in. Pair it with some cute boots, and maybe skip the denim jacket if there is heat, and start your festival with a bang. Affordable and cute!

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7. Long Band T-shirt paired with an oversized Checked shirt.

This is definitely my favourite festival outfit out of all of them. This is perfect for comfort, and it’s easily paired with whatever shoes you wish and can be dressed up with any accessories of your choice followed by maybe a bum bag. It’s is easy, yet so simplistic. I think if you’re a more relaxed person who likes to hang below the radar, this is great for you. If you like to be out there, this is still perfect, just add your own BANG.

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8. Boob tube paired with tasselled skirt.

What a look! Such a beautifully put together festival outfit. It fits really well with a plain kind of top with such a crazy skirt. Definitely out of a lot of people’s comfort zone but that is what festivals are about! Going crazy with your outfits and being out there. Get trying this look out!

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Do you live for these festival outfits? Let’s talk festivals below. Which ones are you going to this year? Do you think you’ll wear any of these outfits? Did this article inspire you? Let’s talk fashion and festivals below! What are the do’s and don’ts of festivals? Let’s find out ladies in the comments.

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