10 Festival Outfit Ideas That You Can Rock At Any Music Festival

Sometimes it can be challenging to come up with festival outfit ideas that truly feel like they reflect you as a person but also the event you are attending.

Whether you’re looking to stand out, blend in, or just be weather appropriate, check out these 10 looks for your outfit inspo this festival season!

Sheer Dress

The sheer dress is a staple for any music festival and I am all about it.

What makes the sheer dress so iconic is that you can wear something glitzy under it and still have it be visible through the fabric of the dress.

It’s like wearing two outfits in one!

It gives you a lot of freedom to look a little sexy without the feeling of being too overexposed as you can still feel the fabric on your body.

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Have fun with fringe!

This eccentric look is perfect for your festivities as it provides a great deal of fun to your outfit.

Combine the fringed look with some denim shorts and a wide brimmed hat for a truly inspired look that incorporates western and modern elements into one festival outfit!

Shop the fringed look:

Combat Pants

You’re guaranteed to be the coolest 90s girl with this ensemble!

Combat, or cargo, pants have made a strong comeback in the fashion world!

Paired with a crop top or crochet bra, this look is a winner for any festival you have snatched tickets to.

Feel free to bust some moves in this flexible look that is suitable for daily wear also!

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This sweet look is one for the cute dressers.

The feathers make for a gentler and less eccentric carnival inspired look that can be worn with virtually anything.

This is another item suitable for your everyday wardrobe full of retro throwbacks to be worn over and over again.

I recommend sticking with the 80s theme at your next festival by taking inspiration from movies such as Clueless with the checked patterns for a look that screams 80s chic!

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You can never go wrong with sequins! They can turn any look into an exciting party look or in this case festival.

Rainbow coloured sequins are ideal for events such as this due to the ability to build a bold and exciting look. You’re guaranteed a sparkling look that will grab everyone’s attention under the bright lights of the stage.

Pair these sequin pants with a simple crop top or more sequins to really amplify the look!

Shop the showstopping sequin look:


Boho is a classic summer and festival-ready look.

The aztec patterns and prints are very on brand for music festivals such as Coachella due to their summer sun vibes and connections to fashion of summer.

A music festival is as much a fashion event as a music event.

Feel cool in boho print dresses and matching two pieces to really capture the boho festival vibes!

Shop the Boho look:


An essential vibe that looks festival ready on anyone!

This look is so easy because you probably already own the main items that go into creating this look!

You probably have denim shorts and band t-shirts (these are the essential closet items for summer after all!), however, you might be missing one key element for this look. Go all out with full-on cowboy boots!

If cowboy boots aren’t your thing, you can also opt for Western ankle boots for the same effect.

Take the leap and try something different with this bold summer look.

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Shop Western boots:

Slit Sides

Get a bit dangerous with this sexy look!

You’ll be ready to dance the night away in this stylish, non-constricting look.

High slits have been popular in the fashion industry and among festival fashion for years now and continue to be a must-have look.

The look is great for sunshine, warm weather and keeping it stylish! Don’t forget to accessorise with some statement jewellery pieces and a funky hat to keep the sun rays at bay.

Shop the look:

Retro Checkerboard

Snatch it up while you can!

The retro trend is spreading like wildfire which explains the high demand for the checkerboard print on all items of clothing. From skirts to tops, dresses, and pants, this print does them all.

The black and white combo is easy to pair with more colourful items as the colour palette is neutral to begin with. This pattern is also easily transferable to every day wear as it is popular in modern fashion, fit for a wide range of styles, and perfectly appropriate to wear all year round.

Pair the skirt with a simple band shirt and ankle boots for your festival look and show your love for the 80s!

Steal the retro look:


Feel out of this world with this bold look!

If you love holographic looks, you’re onto a winner with this ensemble!

Under the sun or under the lights of the show, this outfit is sure to stand out of the crowd no matter what you are doing.

Get a little weird with this otherworldly look at your next music festival!

Steal the look:

I hope this has helped you find some options for your next festival ideas! Whether you want to keep it simple or really stand out in the crowd, there is something for everyone among these looks! Which vibe will you be going for this music festival season? Let me know in the comments!

Feature image source:
Kristel Gusseva

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