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10 Festival Glitter Makeup Ideas We Are Here For

10 Festival Glitter Makeup Ideas We Are Here For

From glitter eyebrows to cheeks of glitter, we have rounded up the best festival glitter makeup ideas for this upcoming concert scene. Whether you like subtle or bold, there is a festival glitter makeup look for you.

We are heading into festival season and it’s time to start considering your signature glitter look to get the perfect balance of fun and chic. But with so many different choices which one do you go for because, as we have all learnt the hard way, if you wear glitter you commit to glitter. Here are the 10 festival glitter makeup ideas that you can rock!

1) Princess Tiara

We are so here for this pattern! Look like the queen you are with a crown bejewelled straight on to your forehead, you will truly be festival royalty!

2) Subtle Sultry

If you want to be part for the fun without the struggle to take your glitter off then some simple glitter eyeliner could be right up your street! Simple and elegant this look catches the light and makes your eyes really sparkle.


3) Hair-Raising Shine

Give your hair a festival face lift by painting glitter down your parting, this particular space bun look is one of our favourites because it is cute and practical! Having your hair up keeps you just a little bit cooler in the crowds and sticks with the festival aesthetic. This is one of the most unique and easy festival glitter makeup ideas!

4) Glitter Brows

This combination means your eyes will pop and eliminate the need to perfectly sculpt your eyebrows, it’s a win/win!

5) Highlight for the Gods!

Regular highlight not doing the job anymore? Cover your cheeks in all kinds of glitter! If the heavens can’t see you then what’s the point? This is one of the daring festival glitter makeup ideas!


6) Tin Woman

Heavily pack glitter on to your face to give yourself a metallic look to match the robot dance you will probably end up doing drunk at one of the shows! Truly commit to the glitter look!

7) Tears of Mercury

Whether you are crying with joy or crying because the music is coming to end, do it in true festival fashion! This look is absolutely captivating and will definitely make you centre of attention!

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8) Crescent moon

Look out of this world with another one of the festival glitter makeup ideas by framing the top half of your face in multi-coloured glitter! This much glitter also means the rest of your makeup can be totally toned down and you will still look as radiant as ever!

9) Fires of glitter

Using brilliant red make-up and pink glitter is a great way to show off your fiery personality and make your eyes shine brighter than the glitter surrounding them!

10) Festival Royalty

Another take on the crown bejewelling, but with the addition of glitter cheeks! A great look for girls who think just having jewels isn’t enough and want to elevate the look to the next level!


What festival glitter makeup ideas will you try? Let us know in the comments below!

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