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Our 5 Favourite Poetry Collections To Read On A Rainy Day

Our 5 Favourite Poetry Collections To Read On A Rainy Day

These are the best poetry collections that are both short and long, that you can read on a rainy day! The books contain poetry from all periods of time, from the best poets!

Reading poetry is a great way to unwind while keeping in touch with contemporary literature. What’s better than picking up a poetry collection on a rainy day? Reading poetry is a great way to get some good reading in without the commitment of a novel with a continuous plot. Here are my top 5 favourite poetry collections that will get you in touch with your feelings on a rainy day.

1. Emergency Brake by Ruth Madievskyf

Ruth Madievsky’s poetry collection Emergency Brake features deeply moving poems that are able to emotionally connect with each and every reader. Focusing specifically on the experience of young women in the twentieth century, she explores the full spectrum from love to sorrow that exists in our existence. To feel in touch with your emotions and existence, pick up this book for an existential roller coaster.


2. Citizen by Claudia Rankine

This revolutionary poetry collection discussing the experience of racism in our modern society is definitely a sobering read. Rankine’s work puts the contemporary black experience into words that perforate all those who read it. The prose poetry style of the contemporary poetry Citizen is written in offers a new take on poetry that is accessible to all, easy to read, and emotionally penetrating.

3. No Matter The Wreckage by Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay’s poems featured in her debut poetry collection No Matter The Wreckage make poetry out of the poet and the world around her. Honest, intimate, and humble, this poetry collection is definitely one that makes unique connections such as love between inanimate objects.


4. Stranger, Baby by Emily Berry

Emily Berry’s debuts poetry collection is a heavier one that will connect you with the darker emotions you bury deep. Focusing on the topic of childhood loss, and written in memory of her mother, Berry’s experimental form and edgy humour offers a fresh new perspective on loss and grief.

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5. Lullabies by Lang Leav

Internet sensation Lang Leav’s second poetry collection has definitely taken reader’s by storm as much as the first one has. Her lyrical poetry on love and loss showcase her talent of peering into the hearts and minds of her readers. She believes in allowing her readers to take on their own feelings and experiences as they read, making this the perfect poetry collection to read on a rainy day.

What do you think about these poetry collections? Would you read them? Let us know in the comment section below!

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