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Our Favourite Kate Spade Bags That Proved She Was A Design Genius

Our Favourite Kate Spade Bags That Proved She Was A Design Genius

Kate Spade bags are classic staples of any woman's wardrobe. The traditional Kate Spade purse is a nostalgic piece in many people's closets.

Kate Spade bags have always been a designer staple in everyone’s closet. The recent tragic passing of Kate herself has shaken the fashion world, but our love for her immortal brand is definitely something that she has left behind. Here are my favourite Kate Spade bags suited for every occasion and a great glamorous addition to anyone’s collection, these top styles definitely show that Kate Spade was a design genius.

  1. The Cameron Street Lottie
    Kate Spade’s classic sachet bag. Recognisable on your arm no matter where you go, this function and stylish satchel comes in all the colours you could possibly want. Equipped with a satchel with a zipper closure, and two pockets on either side, this handbag definitely has the room to store everything you need and more. It’s ability to be worn cross body, carried in hand, or in the crook of your elbow makes it multifunctional and user friendly. The beautiful sleek leather and sleek and curved shape of the handbag is one that is iconic, stylish, and functional.
  1. The Cameron Street Mini Candace
    For those who love a more square shape in their handbag, this Cameron Street Mini Candace is the one for you. Perfect for a simple cross-body or a small dainty handbag to be clutched in your hand, this is the one for you. In every colour imaginable, this bag has the main compartment with a zipper closure and a slide pocket. Perfect for lighter days where you want to be breezy and free, this mini handbag will be your best friend. Convenient, stylish, and dainty, this one has it all.
  2. The Cameron Street Large Lane
    Featuring the ultimate timeless classic shape of handbags, the Cameron Street Large Lane is elegant, chic, and iconic. Perfect to wear anywhere, this handbag will definitely round out any outfit ensemble for that brushed up flawless look. With adjustable shoulder straps and handles, this bag can be worn any way you’d like.
  3. The Cameron Street Corin
    For the minimalists out there, this wallet sized clutch is ideal for those who don’t like clutter day-to-day. This iconic clutch forces you to carry around only your essentials for a light and breezy day. The long cross-body strap is attached with magnets, allowing the functional bag to instantly transform into a handy clutch. Perfect for days where you need to be on the go, this clutch is chameleon that will make your day. This is one of the most classic Kate Spade bags.
  4. The Cameron Street Medium Harmony
    This is the perfect companion to take to work. A tote bag big enough to carry your laptop and all your other necessities for work without losing out on style. This handbag is chic, stylish, but definitely durable. The long handles of this bag allows it to sit snugly on your shoulder for your daily commute. The compartmentalised inside of the handbag further adds to the functionality, make it more perfect than anything else for your workplace.
  5. The By The Pool Flamingo Sam
    Who doesn’t love a novelty handbag that incorporates everyone’s love for flamingoes into the daily handbag? This vibrant and daring option is fun and different. Utilising the handles of the bag as the flamingo’s neck makes for a bold, creative, and daring accessory piece. The panelling of vibrant pinks and oranges brings the flamingo design to life. Definitely for those who want something that will stand out, this modern take on a classic handbag definitely shows design ingenuity. This is one of the most summery appropriate Kate Spade bags.
  6. The Hayes Street Sam
    Yet another timeless design that will rock your outfit whether you are having a casual day out in a t-shirt and jeans or whether you are attending an event. This elegant small handbag is a girly and feminine, a delicate touch on whatever style you are rocking. The delicate bow and mini tassels that embellish the front of the clean square handbag adds dimension and detail to the overall design. Wear it cross body or clutch it in your elbow, this one is sure to be with your through whatever.
  7. The Madison Logan Street Eloisa
    A more modern take on the classic handbag that does not come short on style. The Madison Logan Street Eloisa’s microsuede exterior screams luxury and timelessness, while its inside is versatile and changeable. The interior satchel can be snapped off to become a separate clutch, and the cross body straps can be applied to create an entirely separate handbag. A two in one that will round out your look at any occasion.

Which of these Kate Spade bags do you like most? Let us know in the comments.

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Take a look at these stunning Kate Spade bags.

Take a look at these stunning Kate Spade bags.