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Favourite Fragrances For Every Season

Favourite Fragrances For Every Season

We've put together a list of our favourite fragrances for each season! All of these prefumes will leave you smelling fresh regardless of the time of year!

As Season’s change, so do our fragrances. But how do we know what perfume is best to invest our money in? With so many to choose from, it can be hard to know what fragrances are the very best to wear to ensure you smell wonderful year-round. So, here are our favourite fragrances for every Season!

Smelling sweet for Spring:

For spring, fresh, floral and citrus smells come to mind, as we leave Winter behind us we embark on a world of sunshine, freshly grown flowers and a fresh start. Here are some key Spring fragrances to try!

Dolche and Gabbana’s- Dolche garden:

This beautiful oriental fragrance perfectly embodies spring with the pastel pink bottle and flower cap to represent flowers in bloom. With top notes of neroli, heart notes of coconut and base notes of vanilla this subtle fragrance is beautifully sweet.  The stylish bow and ribbon perfectly captures the femininity of Dolce Garden. The green font summarises the fresh, natural facets of the fragrance, perfect for Spring time. Defintiely consider this one of our favourite fragrances!


Step into Summer with a new fragrance:

Summer is the perfect time to try a new fragrance. With nights being lighter and the sun getting hotter we all want an uplifting perfume to match our moods, as we take to the Seasonal sun and maybe even a trip away?

Prada: Candy Sugar Pop

Indulge in luxury for this top pick for Summer time. The pastel bottle of blue, white, pink and yellow screams Summer and is a friendly reminder of laying on a sandy beach looking up at the Summer sky. Notes of: apple, citrus green and peach creates a fresh exotic mix to leave a lasting impression wherever this Summer may take you…

Autumn has arrived:

As leaves turn darker and nights become more crisp, you will look to try a new fragrance for the change in Season and leave the scent of Summer behind us, until next year. As the Summer sky of blue turns into Deep sunsets of oranges and reds, and pastel flowers are replaced for brown and green leaves, we turn our attention to look for a richer, potential more warm and heavy scent.

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Jo Malone- English Oak and Hazelnut:

Jo Malone had to make the cut for the best seasonal fragrances, in particular her English Oak and Hazelnut fragrance, which truly embodies all our visions of Autumn time. With top notes of Hazelnut for a nutty edge, and base notes of roasted oak for a rich quality. This unique fragrance creates a vision of an enchanted walk. With the crunch of green hazelnuts underneath your boot and a spice of elemi in the mixture, this fragrance embodies an earthy woodiness scent, all of which is enchanting and enriching for this time of year. This is definitely one of our favourite fragrances!

A Winner for a winter fragrance:

Winter, some may say the best time of year. With the cold air, and chance of snow at any point, to replace the barren scattered leaves of Autumn another fragrance may be an option for you.


Sarah Jessica Parker- Stash

A drugstore fragrance that doesn’t disappoint, is Sarah Jessica Parker’s fragrance Stash which truly embodies the idea of Winter. The bottle of black and gold summarises the luxury and exuberant time of Winter.  Described by Sarah herself as an aromatic woody composition which is perfect for both woman and men. Infused with grapefruit and black pepper, there is a strong woody note. At the base, balsamic richness comes through from musk and massoia wood, which gives the fragrances its musky, winter inspired edge. This is one of our favourite fragrances!

Do you have any favourite fragrances for each Season? Let us know if you have tried any of the ones above or have any more!
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