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10 Fashion Trends You Need In Your Autumn Wardrobe

10 Fashion Trends You Need In Your Autumn Wardrobe

Now that Autumn is here, there are a few fashion trends snagging their place center stage. If you are searching for the hottest fashion trends to add to your wardrobe this season, here are the 10 you can’t do without.

1. Chokers

Paying homage to the 90s, stock up on these neck-hugging items, but don’t just stick to black – experiment with fun colours and unique material.


2. Choker Dresses

Or choker-anything really; 2016 is the year of chokers!



3. Bomber Jacket

This lightweight cover up is perfect for those typical chilly Autumn days. Satin and florals will be popular, but you can’t really go wrong with any pattern or material.



4. The Satin Slip Dress

Definitely expect to see a lot of satin this season! Mix the dainty fabric with harsher ones (such as black leather) to achieve an edgy look.


5. Suede

Doesn’t suede just scream Autumn? Whether you rock that soft cloth as a tank top, skirt, jacket, or boots…rest easy that you’ll be one stylin’ sista.



6. Satin Joggers

Can I just begin by saying how excited I am that satin joggers are “in” this season?! Easy style and total comfort, satin joggers bring athleisure to a whole new level.


7. Velvet Dress

Velvet is usually reserved for the winter months, but it’s showing its face a little earlier this year, particularly in the dress department. Sticking to low necklines and short hemlines keeps this style from looking too overdone.



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8. The Sock Boot

Slip on, slip off. Roll up your jeans and look extra sleek with a pair of these shoes, or even don them with that suede mini skirt mentioned above. While you’re at it, throw on a choker and, damn girl, look at you go.



9. Off-the-Shoulder

Autumn doesn’t mean you have to cover up every inch of skin. In fact, one of this year’s fashion trends encourages you not to! Off-the-shoulder is hot right now in dresses and blouses. Again, keep in mind Autumn colours and trending fabrics when looking for the perfect piece!


10. Dusters

This is one of those fashion trends that started making its way into the limelight last year, but is seeing even more popularity this year. Choose neutral shades to really complete the autumn appeal.



Are there any other fashion trends we missed? Share in the comments!

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