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Fashion Trends To Look Out For This Summer

Fashion Trends To Look Out For This Summer

There are so many great Summer/Spring 2019 fashion trends, but here is a list of some of the ones that have been popular since last year.

There are so many great Summer/Spring 2019 fashion trends, but here is a list of some of the ones that have been popular since last year and have been featured on the catwalk. Here is a list of some of the best fashion trends to look out for in summer 2k19

1. Tie-dye

2019 seems to be the re-launch year of tie-dye and a lot of fashion houses have managed to give this look a modern update.

For example, you can wear a tie-dye jumper, black jeans and converses.


2. Square toe shoes

Squared toe shoes started trending last spring but 2019 is the year that made them incredibly popular. A pair of nude Mary Janes by Chanel can honestly make any outfit that much cooler.

It’s safe to say heeled or flat this fashion trend is here and ready to stay!

3. Feather accessories

Some fashion journalists have labelled this trend to be the new (faux) ‘fur’ of the season.


Feathered earrings have become a staple accessory for most of us but a new trend emerging is feathered shoes and we are living for it.

4. Hats

There are many styles of hats, the veiled hats, beekeepers, bucket hats, knitted hats, boater hats, wide brim hats, floppy hats, oversized hats and straw hats.

Basically, whatever hat you opt for this summer, there is a really high chance it will be in fashion.


5. Leotards

Leotards are now moving away from there ballerina stereotype as they have become the latest muse for a lot of fashion houses. For example, Stella McCartney and Chanel paired leotards with wide-leg trousers/jeans whist Balenciaga took a neon leotard and paired it with bold velvet trousers which created a chic and stylish outfit.

6. Bows

It’s really easy to associate bows with Jojo Gomez and school but Valentino among other fashion houses have managed to make bows chic and stylish once again.

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Valentino created an off the shoulder midi dress with tight pleats whilst Marc Jacobs took a sleek yellow and black patterned full-length dress and made it unique by adding a baby blue bow on the left shoulder of the dress. It’s safe to say that this trend is a perfect way to showcase creativity and here to stay.

7. Neon

Neon nails matched with a neon skirt or biker shorts can make a coordinated and effortless day look.

8. Puffed shoulders

In 2018 puffed sleeves were typically associated with office fashion and largely seen on cotton and prairie blouses. However, now that it’s 2019 the trend has officially been upcycled in a way that makes it perfect for every occasion. Designers like Barbara Tfank were seen adding dramatic puffed sleeves to their summer/spring ready to wear collection. The puffed shoulder sleeves immediately make this simple off-white dress more memorable.


9. Sustainable fashion

An important question for the fashion industry actually revolves around the sustainability of fashion. Glamour revealed that a lot more people are becoming conscious about this because Pinterest data states that searches for sustainable fashion have increased by 34% in the past year. This is because many fashion houses have come under scrutiny when it comes to the sustainability of fashion and how it’s impacting the environment. Sustainable trends typically involve opting for ethical fashion houses that don’t rely on sweatshops in order to create their clothing.

10. Shorts

Biker shorts have been around for a while and it looks like this fashion statement is not going anywhere anytime soon. A lot of people attending the shows during fashion month were spotted pairing biker shorts with brightly coloured tailored blazers. Speaking of fashion month, broad shorts seem to be standing out on the runways too.

I hope you like this list of some of the best fashion trends to look out for during summer, comment below if you can think of anymore.

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