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5 Fashion Trends To Follow This Summer

5 Fashion Trends To Follow This Summer

Whether you're looking for great holiday inspo or just want to buy something fresh for your wardrobe, these 5 summer fashion trends are a must to follow.

Summer is fast approaching and you’re probably beginning to shop for some new pieces to add to your wardrobe. Whether you’re going away to a tropical destination or just wanting something new and stylish to wear in the warmer weather, we’ve listed below 5 summer fashion trends you’ll want to follow this summer!

1. The Knitted Tank Top

You might have seen this little number pop up in all the retail stores lately. The knitted tank top is the perfect combination of style and comfort. We all know knit and warm weather don’t usually mix well but the strappy crop top version of a knitted jumper is all the rave! This fashion trend is actually very breathable and lightweight which is crucial when it’s hot outside because you don’t want to resemble melted ice-cream. The knitted tank top gives off laid-back, relaxed vibes and is perfect for chucking over the top of a bikini or throwing on if you’re running late.

2. Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses, maxi dresses, maxi dresses. They’re the latest fashion trend on Instagram at the moment. Maxi dresses are so easy to dress up or down and are a simple but stylish piece to add to your summer wardrobe. The favourite at the moment is styling the maxi dress with a pair of chunky trainers and a denim jacket for a more everyday look but you could quite easily swap the trainers out for a pair of heels or sandals and trade the denim jacket in for a lightweight leather jacket, perfect for a fancy dinner or a walk along the beach in the colder evenings.  Floral prints and animal prints are very in at the moment as well, so finding a maxi dress with either of these prints is a real winner!


3. The Bucket Hat

This is one of those fashion trends you either love or hate. If styled correctly the bucket hat can look incredible and is also a great alternative for the floppy hat as it’s much smaller in size. This fashion trend looks amazing when styled with a pair of mom jeans and a light-weight shirt or if styled with a little skater dress.

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4. Slouchy Trousers

The slouchy trouser fashion trend is one of the best trends at the moment. What’s not to love about looking stylish whilst also being super comfy? You can’t go wrong with the slouchy trouser as they look amazing dressed up or down! Style a pair of these with a cute crop top and some chunky trainers or spice things up by styling them with sleek black heels and a lace bodysuit. This fashion trend is lightweight, breathable and loose-fitting which is perfect for those hot days where you don’t want to show too much leg!


5. Neon Colours

It’s no surprise that neon is back in this summer as the bright colours just embody summer fashion. A piece of neon clothing instantly makes your look more eye-catching and bold, making it the focus of your outfit so there’s no need to add loads of accessories or other colours.  The pieces that are really killing it right now are neon swimwear, bodysuits, dresses and co-ords so make sure to have a little browse online! The neon satin dress is one of my personal faves as it frames your figure perfectly and adds an element of sexiness.

We hope this list has given you some inspiration or a few ideas on what fashion trends you’d like to try out for yourself this summer. We would love to know if you think these trends are worth following so make sure you let us know below in the comments below!

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