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10 Fashion Trends That Have Slayed This 2019

10 Fashion Trends That Have Slayed This 2019

2019 has seen lots of fashion trends come and go but these ones are here to stay! Here are 10 2019 fashion trends that slayed 2019!

With every year, of course, come new and improved fashion trends! Many things go out of fashion while many others get into trend and become popular among large groups of people. Many fashion trends have come from Instagram, where many influencers have been the ones continuing these trends. This 2019 we have seen trends come back into style such as tie-dye and many others. It can be pretty hard to keep up with all the upcoming trends (especially when they’re all so beautiful) so it’s good to find which trends suit you since after all, they are trends and may not live on forever and ever.

1. Biker shorts

Now, you have probably heard and seen this fashion trend all around and for a good reason. Biker shorts are probably one of the most controversial fashion trends because you either absolutely love them or totally hate them. Biker shorts have been seen on celebrities like the Kardashians and the Hadids, all fashion icons. Biker shorts are versatile and can either be dressed up or down depending on your look!

2. Neon

One of the more shocking fashion trends of 2019 is Neon. Neon is definitely in and has been for the past few months! If you are someone who loves loud, bold and vibrant colours, then this trend may be just right for you. The most popular neon colours tend to be neon green, neon yellow, neon pink and neon orange. Find your colour and absolutely slay it this trend!


3. Square toe heels/sandals

Time to get your hands on square toe heels or be square! The square shape gives the shoe a more sophisticated look and is way more comfortable compared to narrower shoe designs. The look is amazing with thin strap heels/sandals that we are seeing everywhere this summer and 2019.

4. Safari

The safari trend includes earthy colours like earl grey, camel, army green as well as tones of grey. These are definitely in trend this 2019 with matching co-ord shorts sets seen on many Instagram influencers. If you are into minimalism but are willing to add a little pop of colour to your fashion style, this trend will probably work for you!

5. Satin skirt

Satin skirts have never been more in until this 2019! A fashion staple, every girl needs a satin skirt in their wardrobe, especially for those warm summer days. Although they are available in every different style and cut, the most popular trend seen in 2019 is the satin midi skirt trend! So chic and elegant!


6. Leopard print

If you didn’t already know, animal print or more specifically leopard print is in this 2019! To spice things up even more, a load of stores has them in different colours like red.

7. Utility

The Utility fashion trend is one you must try out! They mostly include khaki and cargo-type material clothing. Cargo pants and boiler suits are a must try this year! They can be worn in different climates and are super stylish for many occasions.

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8. Tie-Dye

Remember when you were young and you had those really colourful t-shirts with swirl designs? Tie-dye! Yes! They’re back this summer. Perfect if you love bright colours.

9. Bucket hats

The bucket hat trend was in and out, here and gone the past couple of years but this 2019, that has all changed. Bucket hats are a fashion trend that are gonna be staying for a long time now and you better get one asap! If you are willing to spend on a designer bucket hat, I highly recommend the Prada nylon bucket hat!

10. Feathers

Feathers have been incorporated in many high fashion runways this 2019 and have definitely made their comeback. You will stand out in a crowd with this trend.


All these 2019 fashion trends are here to stay and you better hop on the bandwagon asap girls!

Which is your favourite 2019 trend? Let me know in the comments. 

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