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13 Fashion Trends You Need To Know Before Going Into Autumn

13 Fashion Trends You Need To Know Before Going Into Autumn

If you are preparing to buy some new clothes for this fall season, check out these autumn fashion trends that are totally making a comeback!

Fashion Weeks are over and now we’re left waiting to see what major shops stock and how the fashion industry will influence the rest of the world. These are some of the fashion trends that will be big in Autumn and how best to achieve it on a student scale.

1. Animal Print

Animal Print is coming back in a big way and as a pattern is very easily accessible by students. Animal Prints falls in and out of fashion all of the time and are always available to buy in charity shops and sales.

2. Leather

Leather is warm and stylish and during both London and New York Fashion Weeks, the runways were filled with models walking in leather dresses and jackets. Leather is expensive however, and probably slightly out of the student budget. But try your parent’s closets, eBay, and charity shops. If all else fails, get a cute pleather jacket that is still chic but a fraction of the cost. This is definitely one of the biggest fashion trends!


3. Silver Future

From Balmain to Giorgio Armani, the future is here and it is chic and silver. Loads of designers were giving us silver-space-chic and I, for one, and totally here for it. Currently, shops like Forever 21 and H&M are having sales on party dresses, some of which are perfectly spacey. Similarly, if you’re a little bit creative adding some chic silver fabric to a jacket or a dress could be amazingly individual.

4. Tweed

This true piece of British culture could be a reality in the style pages this autumn and should be accessible for students and young people. Even adding a flat cap to a cute top and jeans look would bring the style home. Tweed as a fabric is quite hard to deal with but adding a patch to the elbow of a jacket, or even a faux tweed would show a nod to the style without blowing the bank.

5. Pleats

The pleated skirts of the winter just gone are sure to make a come-back, so don’t throw yours away just yet! The golds and pale pinks might be last seasons colours, but pairing them with reds and blacks they can definitely go far this autumn!


6. Logos

London and New York Fashion Weeks showed us nothing if not logos. Everyone is wearing them, and everyone is proud. The logos themselves are bigger and more branded than ever. Of course joining Gucci Gang is more of a pipe dream than a reality for most students, even on eBay a Gucci tee is still £60, cheaper brands or second hand/vintage clothing could be your way of joining the branded generation.

7. Checks

Checks do usually come around in the wintery months, checked red lumberjack jackets and cosy flannels are going to be all the range in the colder months. So hit the charity, vintage and thrift shops and stock up on these autumn essentials. Websites including have amazing deals and offers on out of season clothing. If you’re on a tight budget, shop now and panic later! These are some of the best fashion trends!

8. Reds

This year it’s going to be you standing out against your autumnal background. So, head into town and buy some bright and dark reds and strut your stuff through a perfect orange and green forest. The catwalks were fierce with so many shades of red, it was almost Valentine’s Day. Loads of Charity shops sell clothes in colour categories, so it’s super easy to find on trend colours and find something in your style.


9. Suits

Dresses could be done as the fashion weeks showed us evening suit after evening suit. This coming style is not really accessible for students, but could be modded to fit the student style. Matching jackets and jeans are in shops now and look just as amazing together as they do apart. Perhaps if you’re feeling super daring, go for a double denim evening look and shock those suit wearing wannabes – you’re the star.

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10. Hats are back

As the sun fades on this heatwave summer, hats and headwear are being plopped on heads with precision and chic style and could be seen all over streets. However, if balaclavas make a comeback, I will be very surprised but I will follow that head-wear style with shock and appreciation.


11. Shoulder Length Earrings

Shoulder Length Earrings are coming in and are hopefully here to stay throughout the festive period. If you’re not a fan of the traditional tassels and silver earrings, then it’s super easy to make your own! You can buy a bag of earring hooks online from Amazon for £1 and could put anything you wanted on them – from disco balls to shoulder length Van Gogh paintings. These can be some of the cutest/badass fashion trends!

12. Sequins are here to stay!

I have been a pioneer of the sequin style for years now and am very excited that it is expected to stay in fashion for at least another festive season.  Sequins are exciting and sparkly and make any outfit that little bit more exciting. Sequins themselves are horrible to sew individually, but if you are feeling crafty then buy sequinned fabric and create something magical!

13. Cowboy Boots

Adorning the feet of the models were, more often than not, cowboy boots. Cowboy boots have never really taken off in England and can generally be found in Vintage and Thrift shops for less than £20. Perhaps this is their year and we will finally have cowboy fashion in the UK?


If you’ve got anymore ideas for autumn fashion trends, then please let us know in the comments below!

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