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8 Fashion Magazines With The Best Spreads

8 Fashion Magazines With The Best Spreads

Discover these fashion magazines with the best spreads! Looking for more artsy fashion magazines? Check out our selection!

One of the main aspects that engage a reader’s attention in a zine form is the spread. Those two pages working together to create one unit. I did some digging, flew through some mediocre magazines and savoured the brilliant ones, and strung together a list of eight fashion magazines with the best spreads. Some of these zines are independently run and present some elegant, powerful and alluring reads. Here are some you could take a look at!


Made by students at one of the world’s leading fashion schools, 1 Granary celebrates the best talent from Central Saint Martins, past-and-present. With an edge and boldness that could only come from students at the top of their game, 1 Granary is a unique voice that provides an intriguing look at the everyday life and work at CSM.

The GentleWoman

The Gentlewoman was launched in 2010 by the publishers of Fantastic Man, and shares its sibling’s timeless aesthetic and attention to detail. If mainstream women’s titles can sometimes trivialise women, The Gentlewoman has found an elegant, sexy and empowering way to draw attention to women of style and purpose.


Human Being

Published by the Virginia-based clothing and lifestyle store Need Supply, Human Being is a style and lifestyle magazine exploring the intersection of fashion and culture. With a personal, down-to-earth approach, Human Being tells the very personal stories behind brands and their makers. One of the great fashion magazines we would recommend for you to read!


Based on the Sydney-based men’s street style blog Men In This Town, MITT is “a quarterly digest capturing the everyday man in his natural habitat”. It features men with an impeccable sense of style and uncovers the personalities underneath the layers of clothes. Timeless and down to earth, with a characteristically Aussie laid back approach, MITT is a men’s style magazine with a difference.

CE Magazine

Published out of Berlin, the photography-led Œ magazine showcases the best of the contemporary German fashion scene. It’s bold, experimental and an exciting alternative voice in the field. Printed on four different specialty papers, it’s also a beautifully produced object with a unique textural dimension.


Sum Zine

Under the influence of Vivienne Westwood’s call to “buy less, buy better, and make it last!”, the biannual slow fashion magazine Sum Zine is on a mission to change the fashion industry for the better. Advocating for sustainable, safely-produced quality clothing, it makes a timely and important addition to the scene.

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System Magazine

With its long, in-depth conversations, London-based System magazine explores the intersection between fashion and contemporary culture. Founded by a well-versed group of fashion commentators, the biannual title has unique access to some of the most powerful and interesting individuals in the fashion industry, such as Raf Simons, Juergen Teller, Grace Coddington and Hans Ulrich Obrist. The result is a fascinating and critical account of the ideas and opinions of some of the biggest players in the field.


Tank Magazine

A brilliantly conceptual piece of publishing, Tank was launched back in 1998 as a counterweight to an increasingly homogenised and commercially driven publishing scene. Since then, it has established itself as one of the pillars of British independent publishing, exploring contemporary culture through art, philosophy and fashion. It’s an incredibly solid, well-focused title with a brilliantly eclectic and intellectual perspective.

You could brighten your reading even more so wit Vestoj Magazine– The annual ‘journal of sartorial matters’, Vestoj takes a step back to look at fashion from a more analytical and theoretical perspective. Published under the patronage of London College of Fashion, it provides a considered and well-written look at the undercurrents of fashion, its history and cultural significance. The latest issue explores failure through theory, prose, visuals, interviews and fiction. Anyone for A Social Study of Shoplifting?

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