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5 Fashion Hair Clip Brands You Need To Know

5 Fashion Hair Clip Brands You Need To Know

5 Fashion Hair Clip Brands You Need To Know

One such trend that many of us are currently obsessed with is the glamorous comeback of ’90s hair clips. Everyone saw many pictures on Instagram and Pinterest with girls wearing clips in different shades and sizes and we think they look just amazing. For this reason, in this article, we decided to talk to you about 5 fashion hair clip brands that you will love!

1. Diving for pearls

Diving for Pearls is a brand based in Singapore, originated from the idea of combining contemporary artistry and clean aesthetics. Their well-curated selection of jewelry reflects and celebrate what makes, the feminine energy, beautiful. Their accessories serve to accentuate the everyday look of the modern woman while honoring and celebrating the beauty of the female form. Each collection has a unique personality and its own story to tell and for this reason, its beautiful yet unexpected pieces won’t pass unobserved for those who find an elegance in simplicity. A clear example of this chick aesthetic are the barrettes: each one takes its name after a city according to the style identity. Some of them are covered by many little white pearls; others are very colorful thanks to the acetate art technique; others remind to our childhood hair clip designed with apples, strawberry, apple, pineapple, and banana; there also the ones that have the shape of a seashell… Well, is too difficult to put into words that we strongly recommend you to have a look at Diving For Pearls fancy website for your eye pleasure!

5 Fashion Hair Clip Brands You Need To Know

 2. Frost

Created by Audrey Bluey, you can shop the brand directly on Instagram. Audrey creations are just amazing and her hair clips perfectly reflect the new style obsession: between all of Frost barrettes it is impossible to pick just one. Flowers glitters, seashells, hearts.. you can wear just jeans and a white shirt but if you decor your hair with one of those hair clips you will look so stylish! Our favorite is the Cotton Candy line with its different shades of pastel colors. What’s yours? Have a look at the Instagram page and take a decision!

3. TheOutlier

“Scrupulously collecting understated yet distinctive pieces that complement any personality and style. The Outlier endeavors to be the portal for quintessential accessories, sourced for the modern day muse” This is what the brand says when it talks about itself. Winking! Don’t you think? The other brand that perfectly understood the new trend. We love the multi-textured Madagascar Barrette Set composed of acrylic resin and wooden segments. But our favorites are always the hinged barrettes in a multicolored haphazard pattern. And the hair clips are just a few of the amazing accessories they have: you should check the earrings out!

5 Fashion Hair Clip Brands You Need To Know

4. Sanlùcar

Sanlúcar was born out of the thrill of finding beautiful anomalous pieces and as a little Australian business, they want to bring to you, a handpicked collection of treasures that with minimal effort make us feel like magic on every occasion. One of its hair clip collections is called Mount Olympus and each of them is named after a Greek Goddesses. You can imagine without even looking at pictures: gold and white pearls only, for this elegant collection. We like to imagine them coming out in the middle of your hair collected in a typical Aphrodite braid. Going through, our favorite barrette is The London, from another collection, because Its pattern reminds to a blue cloudy sky.

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5. Olive Clothing

Olive Clothing is a British brand of contemporary clothing, part of a chain that starts with agriculture and yarn production and ends with clothing. It has a wide choice of styles, conceived in collaboration with its network of independent designers, combines heritage with modernity, simplicity with playfulness and street style with sober elegance. We are talking about it because the designers of this brand dedicate time to create amazing accessories as well, including hair clips beautifully fresh and vintage flavor. The Candy Check Hair Pin remind to the 50’s fashion! Don’t you think?

5 Fashion Hair Clip Brands You Need To Know

Well, these are our favorites hair clip brands. Once you have checked them out let us know what you think with a comment below!

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