10 Fashion Hacks That Make Getting Ready For Morning Seminars A Breeze

Everyone always tries really hard for the first few weeks of uni to look stylish, but there comes a point where you can no longer be bothered to spend ages planning your outfit. These are quick and easy fashion hacks that will help make it easy to get ready in the morning and still look fab!

1. Stick With Colours That Are Easy To Match

You have to be logical about your colour choices. Remember that black and white and grey pretty much go with everything. You could try matching a top with that pink skirt but in my experience it is too time consuming. Stick with what you know goes from past experience. This is not the time to be experimenting with bold colours, unless of course you are confident they go together.

2. Try All Black Outfits

Black is a wonderful colour because it creates the illusion that you are slimmer. Also, black is one the very few colours that work as an all in one outfit. It always looks classy, so pair black jeans with a black top and hey presto. If you want to jazz it up you could add an accent colour in your outfit, like a bright pink bag or necklace.

3. Try A Dress

Dresses are seriously underrated when it comes to getting ready quickly. You don’t have to faff around trying to match your top with your bottoms; you simple just chuck the whole thing on and maybe add some tights. High street brand shops do really great dresses that are perfect for day time.

4. Statement Necklaces Add Oomph

Take a simple outfit, like black jeans and a black plain sleeve long top, and add a statement necklace to it. Statement necklaces are usually very easy to apply compared to fiddly delicate ones, and the add a certain wow factor to your outfit and make it a little less boring.

5. Boots Are Simple, But Great

Boots are so quick and easy to put on, and whether they are short Chelsea boots or knee high boots, they can add class and elegance to your outfit, especially if they are black because then they will go with every outfit.

4. Layer Your Clothes

Winter is the time to start layering your clothes. Adding something as simple as a hat and scarf can really help add a little something extra to your outfit. Another great way to layer is to wear a long sleeve top under a cami dress that you would wear in the summer. You can utilise all the clothes in your wardrobe – you don’t have to go out and buy new clothes!

5. Replace Jeans With A Denim Skirt

Skirts are like dresses in the sense that they make it look like you’ve made an effort. Simply switch out your jeans for a denim skirt, add some tights if it’s cold and it’ll look like you’ve really thought your outfit through!

6. High Neckline

If a lack of time stops you from applying any jewelry, go for high neck tops and dresses that will save you having to worry about figuring out which necklace goes with your outfit and will save you precious time. Plus they are perfect for the colder months. A black turtle neck and denim skirt goes perfectly together!

7. Patterned Jeans Jazz Up Your Outfit

Jeans with embroidered patterns on them are all the rage right now. Pair these with a simple top and a choker and you’re inner fashionista will shine through.

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8. A Jacket Can Make A Huge Difference

Your coat/jacket can be a make or break situation. A nice coat can make a simple outfit look that little bit more stylish. Investing in a jacket is not something to shy away from because if you get the right one, they go with all your outfits and last a lifetime. Stick with colours like grey and black. Fluffy coats tend to add a sense of class to an outfit.

9. Black Jeans Over Blue Jeans

Many times I have debated with my friends whether black or blue jeans are better. I think by now you’ll be able to tell that I’m a big fan of black jeans. I do also wear blue jeans but black jeans just make you look more classy, elegant and generally like you’ve made more of an effort.

10. Apply Your Deodorant Early

This tip may sound a bit weird but make sure you apply your clothes – the last thing you want is your deodorant to transfer onto your clothing meaning you have to change your outfit. Also don’t forget to brush your teeth before getting dressed – we’ve all dropped toothpaste down our front before and it’s not a pretty sight.

Do you have any other fashion hacks that make getting ready for class easy?! Share in the comments below!

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Natasha Morgan

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