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Fashion Brands To Watch For In 2017

Fashion Brands To Watch For In 2017

Trends are constantly changing, leaving room for new fashion designers and fashion brands to come out on top. Here is a list of fashion brands to watch for!

Trends are constantly changing, leaving room for fashion designers to grow and become popular. With so many designers trying to get on top, it is hard to keep up. These are the top fashion brands to watch for in 2017!


SikSilk is  fast becoming one of the most sought after brands of 2017 already. With the slick and fashionable branding, the brand is growing at an fast rate with it now being sold at large well known details, such as JD Sports.

Hera London

Hera is an up and coming fashion brand focusing mainly on t shirts. In 2017 the brand has already gained thousands of followers online due to celebrity endorsement. Hera London is certainly one to watch for the rest of the year.



This brand is arguably one of the biggest brands of this year. Supreme is doing so well that it’s just done a collaboration with Louis V. With the new fashion era being based on such a brand, I can only see it getting bigger and bigger.

Fresh Ego Kid

This brand, which focuses on head wear, burst onto the scene last year with its urban design. Being worn by a lot of footballers has helped publicize Fresh Ego Kid and helped it grow.

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Good For Nothing

Specializing in clothing for the upper body,  Good for Nothing or ‘GFN’ came onto the fashion scene in the middle of 2016. Another brand that has used social media well to grow its followers and spread the name. The brand has also done well by using a logo on some clothing and then lettering on others so it can be more recognizable.

Do you know of any other fashion brands to watch for in 2017?! Share in the comments below!

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