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5 Fashion Books That Will Have You Hooked From The Beginning

5 Fashion Books That Will Have You Hooked From The Beginning

These are some of the best fashion books out there right now that will give you all the inspiration you need! Look no further, here is the ultimate list.

What comes to mind when you think of fashion books? There are so many out there right now that are a great read even if you aren’t majorly into fashion. Fashion isn’t about being a Vogue-reader or owning multiple designer items and wearing them all at the same time. It’s about being creative, aspirational and taking an interest in the world of the underground, not the mainstream. There are so many inspirational stories around fashion and here a few we’ve picked out for you today.

1) #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

This became one of the most popular fashion books worldwide for Sophia, now founder of Having spent her teens hitchhiking and committing petty theft, she went from being broke, a school drop-out to the creator of an amazing online vintage clothing business. Her spirit and energy will give you the motivation you need to finally pluck up the courage to do that thing you’ve been thinking about doing but have been putting off for far too long. You won’t regret reading this one and it’ll give you all the energy you need to fulfil your heart’s desires.

5 Fashion Books That Will Have You Hooked From The Beginning

2) The Million Dollar Blog by Natasha Courtenay-Smith

This is one of the best fashion books if you’re a fan of the self-help section in most bookstores. It’s all about blogging and how you can turn a website into a real business. This is great if you’re a budding blogger or aspiring influencer who wants to get your talent out there somehow but you just don’t know how. Full of great tips and ways to measure your success, this book is one that you will keep referring back to along the way on your journey to riches. Who wouldn’t want to read about how to make a million-dollar blog?

5 Fashion Books That Will Have You Hooked From The Beginning

3) I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk

Now, this wouldn’t be one of the typical fashion books someone may recommend to you if you’re into fashion. And, that’s because it’s fiction. But we all need a story now and again to lose ourselves in right? It’s actually part of a series by Lindsey Kelk where you follow the protagonist, Angela Clark, who leaves a cheating fiancé, jets off to New York and happens to stumble across a career in fashion writing and meets the best friend of her dreams. It’s a feel-good story that stretches and develops across multiple books and trust me when I say you just won’t be able to put it down.

5 Fashion Books That Will Have You Hooked From The Beginning

4) The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

If you didn’t know that this film was actually a book first, well now you do. As many say, the books are always better than the films and they really are. There are so many more details and descriptions to really make you feel as though you’re in the book and a real part of it. Another fictional story and a great read if you dream of working in the fashion industry. Yes, there are downsides and many fashion students will tell you all about their struggles of slaving away as a fashion intern but you just have to laugh it off together. There are incredible opportunities out there, you just need to work hard and keep in mind what it is you’re hoping to achieve in life!

5 Fashion Books That Will Have You Hooked From The Beginning

5) The New Fashion Rules by In The Frow

The final of the fashion books we’re recommending you get your hands on ASAP is this one by an influential blogger, In The Frow aka Victoria Magrath. She’ll take you beyond the glowing lights of the catwalk and give you an exclusive tour of all things fashion. She covers so many of our questions about clothing and accessories from how to decide what we want to wear and how do we take on our own style and carry it out like a badass. The best thing about this book is that after you’ve read it you can go ahead to Instagram and follow Victoria to see everything else she gets up to!

5 Fashion Books That Will Have You Hooked From The Beginning

Which of these fashion books will you be investing in? Comment down below which ones were your favourites!

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