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10 Fashion Apps For The Style Queen

10 Fashion Apps For The Style Queen

Looking for the best way to take your fashion obsession everywhere with you? Try these 10 fashion apps for the style queen!

With the handy dandy invention of apps, there’s an app for absolutely everything. If you’re a die-hard fashion lover, or just enjoy a bit of window shopping and style inspo every now and then, then these 10 fashion apps are the best of the best, the creme del a creme of fashion apps! From shopping to creating style boards, these apps are your new BFFs in the fashion department. So get downloading!

1. Depop

Take thrifting to a whole new level with Depop, an online community in which you can buy, share and sell vintage and luxury items clothing. Search for an item of clothing you want to buy, and browse through the hundreds of items Depop users have put up for sale. Here is where you’ll find unique fashion pieces and accessories, that range from women’s to men’s fashion, so everyone can find something.


ASOS is one of the most popular online clothing stores today, with millions of users every day. So why not make an app for their on-the-go users? Browse hundreds of styles and clothing items anywhere you go with this app, and buy them right there in the middle of your office meeting! If you’re into street style and current trends, this is definitely one of the best fashion apps for you!


3. Smart Closet

We all know the movie Clueless, right? You know the part in the movie, where Cher’s getting ready for school and chooses her outfit on her computer which shows her all her different clothing pieces? Remember how we all wish we had that? Well, now we do have it! Create look books and style edits on Smart Closet, an app where you can also upload your whole closet and put outfits together. Plan your outfits on your Smart Closet calendar, so there’ll be no more wondering what you’re going to wear today! Just like Cher.

4. ShopLook

ShopLook is the app for style inspiration. This is the app that caters to women of many different interests and styles. Create looks by searching for a particular look and create mood boards and style inspiration boards. ShopLook carries thousands of brands, so whatever you search for, there’s bound to be a brand that carries exactly what you have in mind. This is also a great app for sharing your ideas, inspiring others to re-create your style and gain fresh insights to new styles, either for everyday looks or the perfect date night outfit!

5. The Hunt

Sometimes we need the help of a friend for outfit suggestions and where to find certain fashion pieces. It’s great to have one or two friends to help you out, but what about hundreds of voices that are passionate about fashion just as much as you are? The Hunt is one of the top fashion apps for users to talk about different styles, where to get the best prices and help on outfit ideas. It’s like having a hundred friends there at your fingertips to help a girl out. You can also look for style inspiration, and thousands of clothing brands to find exactly what you want. And all in your phone!


6. Net-A-Porter

If you’re a luxury fashion kind of gal, then Net-A-Porter should definitely be one of your top fashion apps. With over 800 designer brands to browse through, curate chic, designer collections and add them to your wishlist, or just add to your cart and have them delivered straight to your door. You’ll also get updated with new arrivals weekly, so you’ll always be on top of the fashion game. And, this app is so easy to use!

7. Shopstyle

Shopstyle is one of the great fashion apps to have with you if you’re an avid shopper. From Gucci to Forever21, this app has all your favourite stores and styles to search through, and will find your perfect item in seconds. This also a great app to compare prices so you know you’ll be spending your money wisely (which is always a good thing!). You can also set alerts when things go on sale, which is a huge bonus if you’re trying to save a few coins!

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8. Vestiaire Collective

Like Depop, this is another fashion app that all fashion lovers can get behind. From vintage to current trends, you’ll find a designer piece that’s exactly what you’ve been looking for! Every item has a luxury label, and is quality checked so that every piece is in top condition when it comes to your door. Vestiaire Collective covers over 10 countries and has more than 20,000 new items added every week! What more can I say? You’ll be addicted in no time!

9. Keep Shopping

For those of you who love to stay on top of trends, this is the fashion app for you! Keep Shopping is a place where you can stay up to date with all of the latest styles and trends, in a community of people who love the same fashion as you do! Shop the latest styles and follow people who share the same ideas as you. Create a style board, and get notified when items on that board go on sale! Share outfits and mood boards with other users, and take part in a massive fashion community.

10. Afterpay

Afterpay has to be one of the best fashion apps invented. It’s not exclusively for fashion stores, but for this article, it is. If you’re constantly online shopping, putting things in your cart, but abandoning it because you can’t afford it at the moment, then get your wallets ready, cause Afterpay is here to save the day! Afterpay allows users to pay for their items over a couple of months. Can’t afford that new dress right now? That’s okay! Make payments every two weeks until it’s paid off, allowing you to keep your paycheck nice and safe. So incredibly handy, am I right?


Which one of these fashion apps are you already obsessed with? Let us know in the comments below!

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