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Fantasy Foods: Secret Recipes You Always Wanted To Eat From Your Favourite Books

Fantasy Foods: Secret Recipes You Always Wanted To Eat From Your Favourite Books

Secret recipes from your favourite books so you can create all the treats you always wished were real - and they're delicious, too!

Secret recipes are everywhere; from hidden Starbucks items, or Disneyworld’s ‘off-the-record’ menu. A lot of popular books flaunt foodstuffs you’re aching to try, but can’t seem to find anywhere in stores. Luckily, a whole online community of bibliophiles and foodie’s have developed the secret formulas to your character’s favourite meals and shared them all online.

Butter Beer – Harry Potter

A secret recipe for all those who didn’t receive their parental permission slip to Hogsmeade (or live too far away to go to Universal Studios). The magic of Butter Beer can be enjoyed by all us mere muggles with this recipe by Delish, and it is the perfect beverage for your next Potter marathon.

Coconut Cream Cake – A Series of Unfortunate Events

Lemony Snicket’s second book in the series features the Baudelaire orphans eating a delicious cake, home-made by their Uncle Monty. Relive what was the happiest period in the children’s lives for a long time with this secret recipe from Adventure Kitchen. It also works to ward off malicious Counts and bad acting troops.


Tea Eggs – The Lunar Chronicles

A favourite snack of the children of New Beijing. Cinder’s tea-eggs seem strange at first; why eat tea-infused boiled-eggs? But honestly, these eggs are pretty addicting. They make for an aesthetic-Easter snack if you find hot-cross buns over-hyped. Witchy Kitchen has the recipe.

Mu Shu Pork – The Mortal Instruments

This secret recipe is the favourite food of everyone’s favourite Herondale, Jace (obvi). The descriptions of food in City of Bones is mouth-watering enough, but mu shu pork is the perfect meal for winding down after a busy day spent slaying demons. Fiction Food Café is constantly serving up secret recipes from books.

Sour Cherry Scones – Carry On

The number one thing Simon Snow misses about Watford School of Magicks is the sour cherry scones they serve at afternoon tea. If you fancy trying this slightly sweet, slightly salty snack, then try Fiction Food Café’s recipe. Pair it with mugs of hot tea, lots of butter, and a snotty, vampire antagonist.


Lamb Stew With Dried Plums – The Hunger Games

The Capitol is full of delicious, secret recipes, but lamb stew is Katniss’s favourite. In her interview with Caesar Flickerman, she labels the dish as the best thing the Capitol has to offer (coming from Katniss, this may not say a lot though). Fictional Food went through a process of trial and error to get a plum and lamb stew worthy of the girl on fire.

Pumpkin Pasties – Harry Potter

Harry Potter has so many iconic dishes, it was too difficult to pick one. PopSugar created a savory secret recipe for a seminal snack, pumpkin pasties. These pastries are the perfect size for long train ride nibbles, or school lunches. It’s also versatile enough to swap pumpkin out for whatever seasonal vegetable you have, but to keep it autumnal, stick to the gourds.

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White Soup – Pride And Prejudice

Classic meals for classic books. Your favourite heroine, Elizabeth Bennet, is treated to this soup at Netherfield Ball. If you want a decadent soup for your next dinner party (or ball, depending on how bougie you are), then white soup is great choice to woo your suitors. Literature has adapted an authentic secret recipe for your use.

Candied Plums – A Darker Shade Of Magic

This dish is served in the streets of the night market, alongside plenty other mystical foodstuffs. These are spicy, sweet, and very sticky. Follow Fiction Food Café’s recipes to make plum syrup to go with these treats.

Direwolf Bread – Game Of Thrones

Winter is coming, so make sure you stock up on necessities, like Direwolf bread. Fiction Kitchen’s secret recipe recreates the bread Hot Pie gifts to Arya Stark. This recipe is cute and sweet, totally perfect for fans of the show or book series.


Pumpkin Mocha Breve – Fangirl

Oh-so dreamy Levi has a job at Starbucks, giving him the opportunity to experiment with all kinds of secret recipes. The Pumpkin Mocha Breve he makes for Cather is both a sweet gesture and a sweet drink. Witchy Kitchen made their own version.

What secret recipes do you wish you could cook? Comment below.

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