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7 Fancy Instagram Makeup Looks To Try

7 Fancy Instagram Makeup Looks To Try

Makeup looks are huge on Instagram today, here are 7 fancy looks to try to stun on during the day or night.

Being a makeup lover, Instagram is a dream come true to discover new makeup looks and styles to try out. It can also be very dangerous as there are always beautiful looking new products to try and it can be tempting to empty out my bank account to recreate your perfect look. Here some of my favourite looks that are easy to try that will definitely stun from my favourite makeup artists that I follow and some great Instagram makeup gurus.

1. Bold Purple Half Moon Eye

One of my favourite makeup artists is Ash Kholm, who frequently styles and makes up the Kardashians and Ariana Grande. This particular style is very bold and pairs perfectly with matte foundation and a glossy nude lip. It is a perfect statement eye to wear with a neutral coloured outfit or outfit of a similar colour. The exact shade in the picture below is Rave by Milk Makeup.

7 Fancy Instagram Makeup Looks To Try

2. 90s Glam Vibes

This particular makeup artist is probably one of the first ones to kick start the makeup guru movement. He brought artform, creativity and brought back contouring way back when in 2008 with none other than Kim Kardashian. Mario Dedanovic is an insanely talented artist, and one of my favourite looks is definitely the one he did for Kim in his famous masterclass in L.A a few months ago. I remember actually watching his makeup videos with Kim back in 2008 and loved his style and precision, he is definitely my favourite artist of all time! I do hope to be able to make a masterclass myself one day. This particular look will take a lot of time and effort to achieve and will involve all of the steps including moisturizing, priming, concealing, baking, foundation, setting, and contour. This look is definitely 90s glam goddess and brings out Kim’s features very well. It is the perfect look to wear out to a club and also versatile enough to be suitable for the office due to the neutral colours.

7 Fancy Instagram Makeup Looks To Try

3. Natural Dark Nude Lip And Highlight

Of course, this list would be incomplete without the Queen of Makeup, Kylie Jenner. The person who helped create her iconic look is Arial Tejeda, another extremely famous makeup artist whose talent is incomparable. This particular look is very classic Kylie, with her perfectly shaped brows, slick contour, dark nude matte lip and crisp highlight. Kylie is known to use a lot of her own products so you will need to invest in a couple of Kylie Lip Kits, Kylighters and Kyshadows to acchieve her exact style.

7 Fancy Instagram Makeup Looks To Try

4. Shiny Green Eye And Dark Green Shiny Lip

This look has to be one of my favourite fancy makeup looks that Ariana Grande has done recently. She always looks gorgeous with her regular nude contoured style, however this one really stood out as so stunning and eye-catching. This green look was for her performance at The Wiz special where she sang a song of Elphaba. It looked absolutely stunning with her bright green dress and green diamond-studded choker. How does she look stunning in everything? This is another one of Mario Dedanovic’s magical makeup looks, created using a bold dark green lipstick, green sparkly eyeshadow on top of the lip and eye and highlight, highlight and more highlight. This is definitely a look to try to impress on your next night out.

7 Fancy Instagram Makeup Looks To Try

5. Sophia Loren Cat Eye

Emrata is a natural beauty queen, so blessed with shiny glowing skin and full pouty lips. She has a lot of gorgeous natural looks that only require a little bit of golden sparkly oil, filling in her brows slightly and a bold, shiny or matte lip colour and she is usually on her way. This look, however, is a great fancy makeup look to try to emulate Sophia Loren. When I first saw this photo, I had to do a double take as she looked so strikingly similar to her. Copy this look by drawing a triangular cat eye a la Sophia with a deep black khol eyeliner.

7 Fancy Instagram Makeup Looks To Try

6. Yellow Contrast Eye And Dark Nude Lip

Alondra Dessy is one of the Instagram makeup gurus of the moment, with her signature look involving false lashes, a bold nude lip and very bold eyeshadow. I love that her staple is to use a bright eyeshadow, including burnt orange, red or purple, to compliment what she might be wearing that day. This yellow and orange look is one of my favourites, giving her a bright pop to her overall look. Start with the burnt orange shade on the crease and apply a thick layer of a sparkly yellow colour to the inner corners of the eye. Match this with a dark nude lip and you’re all set to be Instagram makeup goals.

7 Fancy Instagram Makeup Looks To Try

7. Shiny Nude Pink Eye

This look comes from one of my favourite Instagram makeup gurus, Karla Jara. I love her flawless contoured and perfectly baked matte makeup, her technique is very advanced and she comes up with a lot of colourful and beautiful looks. This look is one of my favourites, using the Huda Beauty Nude Pallet and the pink sparkly shades. This particular video shows Karla using her a beauty blender by Juno to apply everything, and I have to say, the results look stunning. This is perfectly paired with a matte nude lip with a metallic pop in the middle of the lips.

What are your thoughts on the fancy makeup looks above? Would you try them and are there any others that you think are must tries? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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