15 Famous Alumni From Liverpool John Moores University

We may be a poly, we may not have the same respect as Uni of but Liverpool John Moores’ has plenty to be proud of. Here’s 15 famous alumni from Liverpool John Moores University that can give you hope for the future.

1. Caroline Aherne

She’s going straight to the top of the list, being a personal favourite. The late comical genius was loved by all. Not a Christmas goes by when the family don’t settle down to watch ‘The Royal Family’ or ‘Mrs Merton.’ Caroline even bagged herself a BAFTA and a spot as the narrator on popular show Gogglebox. She came a long way from her days studying BA Drama at John Moores.


2. Phillip Selway

Remember Radiohead? Drummer Phillip Selway studied English and History and despite not using them in his career, he’s alumni to be proud of. Who can’t sing along to ‘Creep’?

3. Mohamed Nasheed

We have a president in our midst. Labelled the ‘Mandela’ of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed was the first democratically elected president. He met with David Cameron, and is a strong human rights activist.


3. Beth Tweedle

Gymnast Beth Tweedle has competed at three Olympic games. She won bronze on the uneven bars for Great Britain at the London 2012 games. She was the first gymnast from Britain to win a medal at both the World and European Championships. Beth’s achievements stand her currently as a triple World Champion, six-time European Champion, Commonwealth Champion and seven-times consecutive National Champion.


4. Claire Foy

The show that everyone’s been talking about has an LJMU graduate in. The Crown has received plenty of accolade and our graduate is the leading lady. Claire Foy, playing Queen Elizabeth II, won a Golden Globe for best actress in a TV series.


5. Phil Gayle

Despite studying Sports Science at LJMU, Phil Gayle is now a freelance journalist. He’s been a newsreader for ITV and Channel 4 and now works on BBC radio 2, 5 and Oxford.

6. Rt Hon George Howarth

We have a member of the Privy Council among us. To put it simply, these are senior politicians who advise the Queen on how best to act. Rt Hon George Howarth MP has been a Labour MP since 1986 but following his departure from government in 2005, he joined the council.


7. Kirsty Doyle

A name you may be familiar with if you’re keeping up in the fashion world is Kirsty Doyle. She was the winner of the first series of Project Catwalk in 2006. After this, she was featured in Elle magazine and established her own label in 2006.

8. Beth Cullen

Beth studied fine arts at LJMU, but went on to continue her studies at the Royal College of Art where she became the first to be awarded the prestigious commission for the Napoleon Garden Sculpture exhibition in London’s Holland Park. Her work is now displayed all over the country.


9. Ian Shields

Think of some of the most well known brands – Quaker, Tropicana and Pepsi-Cola. Ian Shields, who studied computing at LJMU has an impressive portfolio and currently resides as Chief Information Officer for PepsiCo UK, Ireland and South Africa.


10. Tony Strudwick

Ever wondered who keeps all of Manchester United’s players in shape? Wonder no more – Tony  Strudwick, a doctor of philosophy and physiology has been Head of Fitness and Conditioning at Manchester United since 2007.


11. Nicholas Roope

LJMU’s Fine Arts course has produced some impressive students. Another graduate who went on to achieve great things was Nicholas Roope. Founder and Executive Creative Director of creative agency Poke and design company Hulger, Hulger’s innovative low energy light Plumen has won a range of awards and been included in the permanent collections of New York’s Museum of Modern Art and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.


13. Roxanne Pallett

The third actress to make our list, Roxanne Pallett studied Media and Cultural Studies at John Moores. She’s most famous for playing the role of Jo Sugden in Emmerdale but is also an ambassador for Women’s Refuge and Carlisle’s Eden Valley Hospice.

14. Joe Anderson

We can’t forget Liverpool’s current mayor! Currently in his second term in office, Anderson was the first directly elected mayor of Liverpool and the first Labour Leader of Council since 1998.


15. John Bishop

Not strictly speaking, an alumni of John Moores, we do have a strong connection with comedian John Bishop. In 2014, John Moores awarded an Honorary Fellowship to the much loved local comedian.

Who are your favorite famous alumni from Liverpool John Moores University? Comment below!
Featured photo source: independent.co.uk