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10 Fall Road Trips In The UK You Should Really Go On

10 Fall Road Trips In The UK You Should Really Go On

10 Fall Road Trips In The UK You Should Really Go On

As the leaves turn brown and red and the air becomes refreshingly chilly, fall can be one of the nicest times of the year for a road trip. And the UK offers some of the nicest, most picturesque spots in the world. Here are my top 10 UK road trips.

1. Peak District

The Peak District offers some of the most stunning views in the country as well as a range of walks and routes to choose from. What’s so good about the Peak District is that it’s a vast area of fields and mountains, yet it isn’t far away from civilisation at all. There are plenty of buses that you can get there, making a perfect place for an autumnal walk this fall.

 2. Cotswolds

A place full of quaint villages and some of the prettiest natural spots in England, the Cotswolds is one of those pretty and idyllic places that seems like its stuck in time. Full of beautiful cottages and loads of spots of natural beauty, it is the perfect place to road trip to during fall and all the natural autumnal beauty it will offer.


3. Chatsworth House

A grand and breathtakingly stunning stately home in Derbyshire that will be made all the more beautiful with the colours that fall brings. You can have a tour around the inside of the building and be awed by the stunning interior design and take a leisurely walk around its grounds and gardens. A perfect road trip for the family.

4. Cambridge

Cambridge is not just known for its famous University, but also its quaint and amazingly pretty town centre. With beautiful architecture, activities like river punting and cycling, Cambridge is a perfect place to road trip to this fall.

5. Stratford Upon-Avon

The home of Shakespeare, Stratford is the epitome of a place best for a lovely and wholesome day out. With an old fashioned high street, canals and lots of natural spots, it will make the perfect destination for any road trip this fall.


6. Lake District

With some of the most breathtaking natural views in the country and a place that provides a wide range of outdoor activities for everyone, the Lake District should definitely be the next destination for anyone who loves the outdoors. Wonderfully remote and a place of pure natural beauty, this should be anyone’s next road trip this fall.

7. Brighton

Although sea-side towns and cities are of course associated with summer, Brighton I think can be so easily enjoyed during autumn. With loads of artistic and quirky shops in its many side streets and lanes as well as a beautiful coastline, Brighton is the place to go with friends or family.

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8. York

An old fashioned town with lots of old cobbled streets and pretty buildings, the colours of autumn will make York an even more perfect place to visit. If you like history, walks and parks, York is the best destination for your next road trip.

9. Tenby

A quaint and relaxed harbour town in Wales, Tenby is a wonderful place to consider for a visit in Autumn. With colourfully painted buildings at the harbour, loads of beach walks and many day activities, Tenby should be next on anyone’s list.

10.  Bath

Bath is one of the prettiest cities in England, with so many beautiful buildings and a vibrant city centre. Of course famous for its Roman baths, Bath also offers loads of cultural activities like museums and historical buildings, excellent for days out in the autumn.


Have any more road trips perfect for fall? Let us know in the comments.

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