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5 Fall Outfits That You Can Never Go Wrong With

With August here now and fall just around the corner, you might be feeling down about having to kiss goodbye to your favourite shorts and all of your bikinis as the cooler weather comes to rain on our parade. However, there’s no need to be down as with fall comes loads of fun fashion choices! Fall is undoubtedly the best season for really comfy and cosy outfits, so although we might be saying goodbye to bikinis and shorts, there will be plenty of great fashion in fall. Here are five really cute, effortless and warm outfits that you can never go wrong with.

1. Mom jeans and a cardigan

If you are looking for comfort, the mom jeans and a cardigan route is definitely best for you. This outfit is ideal for a casual coffee date or a 9am Monday morning lecture. It’ll keep you cosy and warm but also looks good without requiring any effort from you. Pair it with some trainers and a t-shirt to keep it super casual, or try some heeled boots and a lacy top for a dressier look – you would be surprised how dressy you can look in mom jeans and an oversized cardi!

2. Midi skirt and turtle-neck sweater

Midi skirts are really in at the moment, and they are really ideal for autumn as firstly, they allow you to wear a skirt without having to freeze as they cover just that little bit more leg than a mini skirt, and secondly, leopard print mini skirts are super autumnal looking with their beige and black tones. Pair your midi skirt with a thick turtle-neck sweater for a super chic look that will keep you warm on those chillier days!

3. Skinny jeans, boots and a blazer jacket

This is a classic look for fall and is ideal for both daytime and nighttime, and also ideal for any outing, be it a day in the office, or a catch up with friends. Black skinny jeans and little black boots are always a winning combo, but pair them with a cute blazer jacket and you have instantly got a really cool and effortless outfit. Oversized checked blazers are really in at the moment and will have you feeling like you can take on the world.

4. Checked skirts

Checked skirts are always a winning look for fall, be it black and white, beiges, or darker blues and reds, checked skirts are something you just can’t go wrong with! They are great because they are so versatile too, pair them with a woolly sweater, or a vest top and leather jacket, or even get a matching checked blazer if you want that cool two-piece look. Dress the skirt up with some boots, or dress it down with some hi-top converse – it’s up to you! They’re great for warmer fall days without tights, or if it’s chillier, pop on some tights and you’re instantly good to go!

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5. Denim jacket, black jeans and trainers

This is possibly my favourite fall look as it is just so easy to throw on and so comfortable to wear. Whether it is a blue or black denim jacket and whether they are black or blue jeans, simply throw either combo together with a vintage band t-shirt or an over-sized slogan t-shirt and throw on your favourite trainers (it’s got to be vans for me) and you’re good to go!


So, no matter what your style is, super-girly chic or laid back comfy clothes, fall is definitely the best season for fashion choices. Try out these five this fall and let us know in the comments which one is your favourite!

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Emma Jarrett

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