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I Splurged And Got A Facial At Kiehl’s And This Is What Happened

I Splurged And Got A Facial At Kiehl’s And This Is What Happened

This is what happens when you splurge and get a facial at Kiehl's. From the great products to the high quality ingredients, it was worth it.

Skin care is something I give a lot of importance to so I decided to visit the one and only Khiel’s to learn more about it and get a facial while they teach me, and it is the best thing I have done for my skin. Here is what happened when I got a facial at Kiehl’s.

Skin Type

What the first did was to check my skin type, which mine turned out to be a combination. This means that my T-zone was oily whilst the rest of my skin was normal. After this they checked my skins hydration level, which was a bit lower than what it was supposed to be.

Skin Tests

When they did all the tests and found out more about my skin and what it needs, they created this wonderful space for me with the most comfortable seat, made me a cup of tea and told me to relax. They brought in all of the products and asked me which skin care products I was using. They knew most of them and they approved even if they weren’t Khiel’s products, which made me trust them even more. The reason why I trusted them more after this was because if they were only worried about selling their products, they would tell me that what I was using at the moment wasn’t good for my skin-but they didn’t.



They first started to apply a facial wash called “Centella Skin-Calming Facial Cleanser” which was incredibly refreshing and smooth, especially in the current heat wave in London, it was an epic saviour. For the toner, the lady applied the “ultra facial toner” with a cotton pad, gently all around my face especially my T-zone. When it came to the serum, she used the “hydro-plumping re-texturizing serum concentrate” which was specifically targeted for my de-hydrated skin. For my eyes she used the super-multi corrective eye opening serum, which I adored as I have the ultimate dark circles (you can get those at a young age!) and last but not least she finished my skin care with the ultra facial oil free gel cream which I couldn’t resist buying. The cream was very light and perfect for my super-allergic skin. It was refreshing and didn’t leave my skin feeling heavy or too oily.

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All in all, I can confidently say that Kiehl’s is one of the top leading brands when it comes to skin care. Having this facial in such a trustworthy shop really helped me understand my skin better and find out what I need to do to keep it healthy. Even though I wrote down all the products they have used on me, I do not recommend you to buy it straight away because they might not be suitable for your skin type, so instead you can go to Kiehl’s and ask them to test your skin. The facial at Kiehl’s was worth it.


Have you ever had a facial at Kiehl’s? Let us know below.

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