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9 Fabulous Sleepover Ideas For Uni Students

9 Fabulous Sleepover Ideas For Uni Students

9 Fabulous Sleepover Ideas For Uni Students

Being a university student, you may think you are too old for sleepovers. In fact, no one is too old for sleepovers! Sleepovers are a great idea to have fun and hang out with your best friends. It is a great idea when there are too many worries and too much stress in your life!

Take a break for a night. Have some fun and some laughs. Here are nine fabulous sleepover ideas for Uni students.

1. A Pajama Party

A classic idea for sleepovers of all ages. A great theme for your sleepover. A pajama party is fun and will make you feel like a young child again! Wear your favourite pajamas or even a onesie! With other activities such as ordering a pizza, watching a movie or making ice cream sundaes – you are guaranteed a fun time!


2. Face Masks

Now you’re a little bit older, sleepover activity ideas tend to change. No more scavenger hunts or painting each other’s nails funky and bright colours. Time for a pamper session! Have all your friends put on face masks. It makes for a relaxing night.

3. TV Binge Watch

With streaming services such as Netflix available, instead of watching movies why not watch a couple of TV shows? There are so many TV shows available. There is guaranteed to be one everyone hasn’t seen. You and your friends can decide on one and watch it into the early hours of the morning.

4. Movie Marathon

Instead of a TV binge-watch, maybe have a movie marathon. Watch some of your favourite movies or movies you haven’t seen before. Suggestions include movies from The Avengers to Fast And The Furious. Watch to the early hours in the morning! You will have a great night!


5. Childhood Movies

Sometimes a real throwback is a great idea. Watching movies you loved when you were a child is a fabulous option. Knowing the movies already back to front it makes it more fun! You can sing along or quote the movies! It is a good break from reality.

6. Baking

Now you are older, you probably should know how to work the oven and the stove. Having a baking session with your best friends is fun! Bake a tray of decadent brownies or a batch of chunky choc chip cookies. Just make sure no one eat the whole batter before it is cooked! Otherwise, you won’t have any delicious sweets in the end!

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7. Cooking

A great idea for a sleepover is for your friends to come over and make dinner together. Maybe have a nacho night or a pizza night! You will learn lots about each other – those who can cook and those who can’t!

8. Gossip

Who doesn’t love a good gossip session? When you invite your friends over, you are bound to share some juicy information about others. If you have some interesting to tell someone, it is in human nature you can’t keep it a secret. You have to tell someone and this is your perfect chance.

9. Drinking Games

The most relevant sleepover idea to being a university student is doing drinking games. There are many drinking games out there – from watching your favourite reality TV show to a puzzle! You will feel grown-up but also have lots of fun and good laughs.


Sleepovers are for everyone! No matter what age you are! These are some great ideas for university students when you feel like having a sleepover. What is your favourite one? Let us know in the comments below!

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