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8 Eyeshadow Looks To Try This Autumn

8 Eyeshadow Looks To Try This Autumn

These fall eyeshadow looks are ones that you definitely need to try this autumn to bring out the most of your over all beauty!

We’re less than a month away from entering Autumn (thank god) and just like any new season, it calls for a mix up when it comes to our appearance as there are new trends to follow, specifically eyeshadow looks.

With the warm weather coming to an end, we will be able to dedicate our time and effort towards our routine without the heat taking its toll on our make up, so here are 8 eyeshadow looks to try this Autumn along with the products used to replicate each look.

The Full Teal


First up is this full teal winged eyeliner inspired look which is incredibly striking thanks to its bold presence.

With Peaches and Cream pigment in ‘Fantasy’ applied to the inner corner of the eye, NYX pigment in ‘Peacock’ stops just above the crease, creating a sharp defined line.

The Sunset Eye


With MAC eyeshadow in ‘Cranberry’ visible below the brow bone, MAC pigment in the shade ‘Melon’ covers the eyelid with a little of the product applied to the middle of the lower lashline. So dreamy.

The Purple Haze

A light touch of Bobbi Brown shimmer wash eyeshadow in ‘Petal’ is used up to the brow bone while Doll Beauty highlighter in the shade ‘Like A Diamond’ is used in the inner corner of the eyes, with the lower lash line and wings smudged with the shade ‘Poison Plum’ by Sugar Pill.


The Pumpkin Gloss

Sleek’s Eau La La Liner in the shade ‘Pumpkin’ is used along the upper lashline and carries on to the outer v of the eye creating an upward stroke, while YSL Eye Gloss covers the eyelid which completes the full look.

The Half and Half


A light application of MAC eyeshadow in ‘Carbon’ is smudged beneath the lower lashline while Make Up Geek eyeshadow in ‘Cocoa Bear’ covers the entire eye area, with YSL Eye Gloss applied over the eyelids.

The Alternative Eyeliner

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A new take on the basic eyeliner look as Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Gel Liner is used along the waterline and upper lash line to create a 60’s French inspired look.

The Pearly Eye

Peaches and Cream pigment in ‘Pearl’ is used from the inner corner of the eye to the outer v and stops just above the crease, creating a soft and delicate appearance that adorns the eyes.


The Wet, Smoky Eye

This list wouldn’t be complete without a smoky eye – a classic look that reappears each Autumn without fail. This smoky eye however has been given an upgrade that looks undeniably seductive thanks to its wet, glossy look.

With MAC Clear Brow Gel used to brush the eyebrows outwards, the shade ‘Americano’ by Makeup Geek is used up to the brow bone with ‘Blackout’ by Urban Decay applied on the upper and lower lash line in addition to the waterline, finished with a generous application of YSL Eye Gloss over the eyelids and under the eyes. 

What are your favourite eyeshadow looks for this fall? Tell us in the comments!
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