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10 Experimental Makeup Looks For Your Next Party

10 Experimental Makeup Looks For Your Next Party

Tired of doing the same old makeup? No worries, we got you! Have some fun with your makeup and try out these experimental looks!
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Are you bored with doing the same old party makeup? Do you want to have fun with your look and try something new? Take a look at these experimental makeup looks, which will inspire you to stand out and be different!

1. Test your skills with this ethereal rainbow look

We are in love with this makeup look. The pastel rainbow eye-shadow and the drawn on constellations create a magical look fit that turns ordinary mortals into otherworldly beings. The soft pastels are super flattering on anyone and you can have fun experimenting with colour choices.


2. Make a statement with this bold green look

If you want to stand out from a crowd, this green makeup look is perfect. Few people are brave enough to wear green makeup. The neon green commands people pay attention to you, so if you want to ooze confidence and be noticed by everyone, consider opting for green.

3. Embrace your fun side with some bright eye-shadow

While makeup rules often suggest you stick with neutral shades of eye-shadow, this look does the opposite. The pink and blue combination defies makeup rules in favour of something flashy and playful. The addition of stars is the perfect cherry on top of this bold experimental makeup look.


4. Don’t be afraid of colour with this rainbow look

This entire makeup look is beautiful, from the rainbow eye-shadow to the bold pink highlight on the cheekbone and tip of the nose. Don’t be afraid to go all out with your colour palette: more is more, in this case. We love the different colours on each eye. Not only does it look amazing, but you also don’t need to make each eye match, which will save you time and worry.

5. Impress with this avant-garde makeup

This experimental makeup is seriously impressive. If you’re after something that’s on the cutting edge of makeup, this is it. The makeup artist creates the impression of a sunset with the pink-orange-yellow eye-shadow, while the subtle gold and green creates depth. Our favourite part of this look is the white-winged eyeliner. The white stands out against the sea of colour, ensuring you can be see from far away.


6. Be modern with all white

The best thing about wearing white makeup is it will match any outfit. The colour is clean, modern and can be worn by anyone. It’s a great choice if you want something that is less flashy and more trendy. We love the trail of crystals lining the nose and eyebrows. The crystals are a great choice if you want a night look, as they would glimmer like stars in the night.

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7. Stay on trend with a colourful highlight

If you’re after something that’s a bit more subtle, give this experimental makeup a try. All you need to do is find a coloured highlighter, like this lilac one. Apply it where you normally would and you will be left with a glowing look like this one.

8. Be flirty with purple

We’re loving this romantic and feminine purple look. If you want to make a statement with purple, just make sure you use different shades of purple, like this lilac lip and deep purple wing. It gives the look more depth and variety.

9. Go gothic with a bat wing

This bat winged eyeliner is a great way to add a playful twist to your makeup. At first glance, it appears like a normal winged eyeliner but after another look, people will catch on and be seriously impressed!


10. Create sparks with this fiery look

Wow. This fire themed makeup is jaw-dropping, from the fire-tipped fingers to the eye-shadow. If you’re after a showstopper, this is it.

What experimental makeup look do you want to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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