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10 Exercises You Should Do Every Morning

10 Exercises You Should Do Every Morning

10 Exercises You Should Do Every Morning

Coffee and a good breakfast is a sure fire way to make you feel energised and ready to take on whatever the day brings you, but morning exercises can also do the trick. You don’t have to do a full routine, but with these 10 simple morning exercises, you’ll feel rejuvenated and fresh.

1: Walking

One of the simplest exercises you can do every morning is a walk, whether it’s in a local park or just a block around your neighbourhood. Not only will this exercise get your metabolism going, but it will also help you burn fat. If you like going at a faster pace, you can also go for a run.

2: Push Ups

Another exercise that you can do every morning is push ups. This exercise helps to strengthen your core and upper body, working on your shoulders, pectoral muscles and forearms. There is no limit to how many push ups you should do, but most people go for three sets of ten push ups. And if you are not strong enough to do the standard push up exercises, you can do them with your hands and knees on the ground.


3: Lunges

One of the other exercises that can done every morning is lunges. This simple exercise helps to develop lower-body strength and works on strengthening the hamstrings, core and the muscles in the inner thigh. When doing the lunges, make sure your back is straight and you look forward, not downwards.

4: Squats

Like lunges, squats are types of exercises that focus on the hamstrings, core and quad. Furthermore, squats can also improve balance and coordination. When starting out, only do the squats with your body weight, but once you have mastered that, you can add weight to your squats, such as holding a dumbbell in each hand and resting lightly on your shoulders.


5: Plank

Another simple exercise, the plank primarily strengthens the core, and also works on the shoulders, glutes and arms. Moreover, the plank is a static exercises, meaning that the body stays in the position for the entirety of the exercise. There are many variations to this exercise: the forearm plank (one of the most common forms), the knee plank and the side plank. The plank is also good for improving your posture.

6: Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches are also great exercises to do in the morning. This exercise not only works on the core, but also works on the obliques, upper abdominals and rectus abdominis, as well as toning the upper thighs. Furthermore, speed is not the goal of the exercise: focus on breathing slowly and on your form.


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7: Mountain Climbers

If you want an exercise that targets your whole body, then look no further than mountain climbers. This particular exercise builds cardio endurance and core strength, while your quads get a workout too. Moreover, this exercise has cardio benefits as well.


8: Jumping Jacks

Exercises like jumping jacks are great to do in the mornings as well. Jumping jacks get your heart pumping and blood flowing, which is necessary for good circulation and improving blood pressure. Moreover, jumping jacks also help you increase your stamina.

9: Frog Jumps

Frog jumps are also another exercise you could do in the morning. A bit more intense than a normal squat, frog jumps reduce stiffness and pain in legs, and strengthens calves, glutes and hamstring muscles, making it a perfect toning exercise.

10: High Knees Running In Place

High knees running in place is another exercise you can do in the morning. This exercise is great because not only does it improve flexibility and strengthens the lower body, but over time, it can increase your levels of endurance. Furthermore, this exercise is also great for people who don’t like running, but still want to get the same results.


Do you have any morning exercises that you love doing? Share with us in the comments!

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