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5 Exciting Adventures In London that Cost Almost Nothing

5 Exciting Adventures In London that Cost Almost Nothing

Who would have thought you can have fun in London without paying a fortune? As great as it is, the city is silly expensive and we all know it. Especially as a student you often find yourself facing the dilemma: Do I go do something fun or do I eat tomorrow?

However, there are still some hidden gems around the city that don’t cost a fortune, where you can have fun and still be able to pay rent. Plan your jouney in advance so you can spend as little as possible on travel and bring your own snacks if you want to be extra good.
Here are 5 Exciting London Adventures that will cost you almost nothing!


Rent a Santander bike

Santander bikes are everywhere and probably one of the most affordable ways of getting around the city. Everything is easily accessible through the Santander Cycle Hire app and you pay £2 to have free access to the bikes for 24 hours. It’s an adventure that’s good for both your health and our environment, everybody wins!

Cycle around Central London and see all the tourist attractions like Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square or travel through hip East London and drink coffee with complicated names nobody can pronounce. If you get lost, don’t worry. It’s just part of the adventure and you might end up seeing parts of London you’d never think to visit.

Go dog watching in the park

London has too many parks for one human to comprehend. Even if you’ve lived here for years, you’ll probably be able to find one you’ve never been to. Nothing is quite as fun and relaxing as wandering through a park, looking for dogs to pet. Make sure to bring your camera so you can share the pups with your friends.


Hyde Park is always a great place for dog spotting. Lots of people take their dogs here, but keep in mind that it can get quite busy. If you’re looking for a more quiet adventure Victoria Park or Greenwich park are worth looking into. Epping Forest is also known to be filled with dogs and a solid choice if you don’t mind the traveling. Just remember to ask before petting the dog and that not giving it back to the owner after is illegal.


Visit free Museums

Have an adventure in one of London’s many free museums and learn some fun facts along the way. Whatever sort of niche interest you have, there is almost certainly a museum out there that will fulfil your desires. Whether it be art, war history, flowery linen or old fashioned murder there’s a match out there for you.

Just looking all day can get boring so try to go to an interactive museum that allows you to try different things and get some fun photos. Museums like the Victoria and Albert, the Natural History Museum and The Museum of London Docklands are worth checking out. Unless you are especially interested in old artifacts, maybe stay clear of The British Museum, it’s a bit of a snooze fest.

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See a show at Shakespeare’s The Globe

You cannot possibly get more British than Shakespeare and if you want a proper London adventure it would be criminal to leave William out of it. Shakespeare’s The Globe offers the worlds most famous plays, performed by some of the world’s greatest actors and you can get a ticket for only £5.


Going to The Globe is an adventure in itself. The theatre is built to look like it did in Shakespeare’s days and you don’t need to be a die-hard fan to have a good time.. You’ll get an experience you won’t get anywhere else, plus everyone knows that seeing a Shakespeare play gives you intellectual bragging rights. Make sure you go on a sunny day though, it’s an outside theatre and the plays tend to run quite long.

Have Cheese and wine on Primrose Hill

Save this one for one of those days when you’ve explored enough and you’re ready for a more lazy adventure. Few things look as fascinating and fill me with more joy than a well-done cheese-board with baked camembert. Cheese is probably the food equivalent to holding your child for the first time.


The truth is that despite looking very fancy, a cheese-board is incredibly low effort and doesn’t have to cost a lot. Chuck a camembert in the oven, pair it with some Bree or some Tesco cream cheese and throw in cheap wine and a baguette. It doesn’t have to cost more than £10-15, depending on how picky you. Take your cheeseboard with you to Primrose Hill or somewhere else with a view and voila, you’re a French artist living your best life.

What’s your favorite free London Museum? Leave your recommandations in the comments!

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