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10 Exciting Activities You Need To Do This Summer

10 Exciting Activities You Need To Do This Summer

10 Exciting Activities You Need To Do This Summer

With this summer’s heatwave business going on everyone has been lying on the sofa in front of the fan and waiting for the time to pass by quicker, right? Well, here are 10 exciting activities you need to do this summer so you can forget about boredom and start having that dream summer holiday you’ve been dreaming about in class all year long!

1. Go road-tripping with your friends!

If you want to get rid of that boredom that has been hazarding your summer you need to plan a road trip! Like, that’s the go-to summer thing to do, you know? Grab your best friends, combine all your savings to pay for gas and snacks and just go where the wind takes ya! Nothing better than having a laugh with your closest people while you explore new places and have fun doing new things!

2. Go stargazing!

Gather your friends or your significant other and organise a little night out stargazing. Grab a blanket, something to snack on, a really chill playlist that you enjoy and drive out to a really cool view where you would be able to watch the stars? What better way to spend your summer nights than in a setting like that?


3. Create your own recipes!

Whether that’s cocktail recipes or just something fun and quirky to eat, creating your own recipe can be a really fun activity! Maybe once you prepare what you think of it can become your signature dish or a traditional thing that only you and your friends know how to make? Go get creative!

4. Make a home-spa day!

Organising a little spa day at home with your friends or by yourself can be a super fun activity to do! You can buy a bunch of face masks, or create some from scratch, put them on and get in the pool or just chill in the garden while having some refreshing drinks. It is literally the perfect way to relax in the summer!

5. Volunteer!

If you have the chance to volunteer with an organisation for a good cause of any kind, then you should absolutely go for it! Doing something useful for somebody in need or just any cause that matters is the best way to spend your summer. So look around for any volunteering opportunities and don’t miss out on a chance to help!


6. Make a cinema in your garden!

Gathering your friends to watch a film can be such a better experience if you all put a little more effort! There are many DIY screens on YouTube that you can check out and learn how to set one in your garden, you can put around some blankets and bean bags or just garden chairs, get some snacks and have a blast watching a film under the stars and some fairy lights outdoors!

7. Watch the sunrise!

We all like to leave our summer days for lying in and use the holidays as an excuse to not get up early, but getting up before the sun rises is a beautiful thing you should experience at least once. Check the day before when the sun is meant to rise, put on a warm jacket and go find a hill or a place that offers a pretty view and just watch the sky change colours.

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8. Go hiking!

Hiking can seem like a tedious experience for some, but it can actually be pretty fun. Gather your friends or family and plan a route that leads to somewhere exciting, like a waterfall for example. You can make a day out of it and it is definitely going to be one of your summer highlights!

9. Visit a place you’ve never visited before!

Going exploring is something that we rarely decide to do in our free time, so using your summer holiday to go out and find a place that you’ve never been to before can be a pretty exciting activity to do. Just in case, make sure you’ve done research before you go just so you don’t end up in an area that may turn out dangerous!

10. Sleep outdoors!

With so many outdoor activities you can do this summer bet you didn’t think about this one? Sleeping outdoors when the weather is nice and the sky is clear so you can see the stars, can be a beautiful experience. Bring many blankets and pillows and cosy up to somebody you love for a 10/10 experience!



What do you think of these summer activities? Will you try some of them! Comment below which ones you like best!

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