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6 Excellent Uses Of Eggs Other Than Cooking

6 Excellent Uses Of Eggs Other Than Cooking

Eggs may seem like nothing more than a British breakfast staple, but they can be used for a variety of things. Here are 6 Excellent Uses of Egg !

Fried, poached, scrambled, boiled. These are usually the words we associate with eggs. While eggs make a delicious and filling meal option and have other uses in cooking and baking, this English breakfast staple also has a variety of other uses. Here are 6 excellent uses of egg other than cooking!

1) Hair Mask

Does your hair feel dull, rough or dry? Colouring, heat tools and general life can do that to it! But don’t fret – as long you have eggs and in your pantry and the will to use them – your hair will soon be transformed into a silky, shiny mane. Hair is made up of protein, and when this is lacking, it can become, dull, lank, and break easily. The protein in eggs can help revitalise your hair when applied as a mask. Simply mix with olive oil, apply to the hair strands, shampoo, condition and go! Easy!

2) Face Mask

Egg whites are not only great for your body internally; when applied as a mask, they are also brilliant for tightening, rejuvenating and shrinking the pores of your skin. They’re also fantastic for removing excess grease that results in oily skin. This makes them great for all skin types, whether you have ageing skin or young, acne prone skin!


3) Blackhead Remover

When you think of potential uses of egg, you probably don’t think of removing blackheads. Well, put away your blackhead removing more strips and make way for the humble egg. All it requires is applying egg white to blackhead prone areas of your skin, following by toilet paper on top. Then allow the mixture to dry and your face. Once it has dried, remove the toilet paper as you would a normal pore strip and voila! Blackheads are gone! Who knew that you could find such egg-tastic skincare products straight out of your kitchen!

4) Nail Treatment

Believe it or not, eggs make a fantastic nail treatment! Much like your hair, your nails are made up of proteins, which can become fragile and break easily when proper care isn’t taken. If you have difficulty growing your nails or keeping them strong and healthy, try this trick. Mix a whole egg with an oil of your choice, and soak your nails in this mixture for 10-15 minutes before washing off. Do this regularly and you’ll be well on your way to long, healthy, shiny nails!

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5) Glue

Although a Pritt stick probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of eggs, egg whites make brilliant glue! Not only can eggs be used to glue pastry and other food products, uses of egg also extends to arts and crafts projects too! Use egg whites to glue paper, stick down glitter, make paper mache, and lots of other things. This is a safer option for young children than traditional glue, and it means you’ll likely always have a form of glue available in your home – even when the Pritt stick has run out!

6) Glaze Up

Have you ever walked past a quaint French patisserie and marvelled at all the pretty looking goodies on display in the window? Well, a large part of making these delicious bites look so egg-ceptionally yummy is glazing them over, using none other than the small but mighty, egg! You can bring a fancy continental finish to your own baking by brushing it over with a simple splash of egg! Pretty as pie!

Which one of these hacks will you try first? Tell us in the comments!

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