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8 Excellent Hair Growth Tips That Will Change Your Hair Growth Game

8 Excellent Hair Growth Tips That Will Change Your Hair Growth Game

8 Excellent Hair Growth Tips That Will Change Your Hair Growth Game

Many of us want long, luscious mermaid locks, that we can flick seductively in the wind and style in lots of different ways. While much of hair growth entails simply letting your hair grow, it’s not always as easy as that. There are also lots of steps you can take to speed up and maximise the hair growth process and keep your hair strong and healthy while it’s growing. 8 excellent hair growth tips that will change your hair growth game!

Grease is the Word!

As gross as grease can seem, it is actually a good thing when you’re trying to grow your hair! While greasy hair is never in vogue, the oil that makes your hair greasy – otherwise known as sebum – is there to protect your hair from drying out, and to keep it smooth, shiny and healthy. When you wash your hair daily, particularly with harsh shampoos, these natural oils are stripped from your hair, leaving it dry and weak – not great for your hair growth game! Wash your hair a maximum of three times a week to keep it healthy!

Oil it Up

Hot oil treatments have long been attributed as being the secret to beautiful hair in India, where women are known to have ridiculously long, thick, shiny hair. Hot oil treatments are excellent for deeply moisturising the hair and adding essential nutrients to the hair, which in turn, keeps in shiny, healthy and strong, which in turn, facilitates hair growth. Practically any base oil can be used for this gentle hair growth treatment, as long as the oil is cold pressed and organic.


Throw the Sulphates Away

Sulphates, such as sodium laureth sulphate and sodium lauryl sulphate, are found in most mainstream shampoos. These ingredients are detergents, which are intended to cleanse the hair. While this may sound like a good thing – it isn’t. Sulphates are extremely harsh for your hair; and while they do cleanse the hair, they also strip the hair of its natural oil, which leaves it compromised. Opt for shampoos with gentle cleansing ingredients to protect your hair from becoming dry and damaged. The noughty range is perfect for this!

Vitamins and Hydration

While this may seem cliche, the truth is, if you want healthy hair, you have to have a healthy body. When your body is enriched with nutrients, it is able to concentrate on enriching your hair with essential vitamins and minerals to help the hair growth process. Like it or not, healthy eating and keeping hydrated makes a huge difference to your hair growth game!

Goodbye Heat Tools

It’s no secret that using heat tools is damaging for your hair, but how often do you actually adhere to this rule? Heat can seriously damage your hair, by causing it to become dry and brittle and causing split ends. The bottom line is, if you’re serious about growing your hair, you have to cut out the heat tools (this includes a hair dryer!) Instead, allow your hair to air dry and opt for heat-free hairstyles. Your hair will thank you!

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Sleep on Satin

Believe it or not, the material of the pillowcases you sleep on can have an impact on your hair growth! Course materials such as cotton can rub against your hair, causing friction and subsequently, split ends. This certainly isn’t productive if you’re trying to grow your hair out! Opt for silk or sating pillowcases instead, as these materials are gentle and ‘slippery’ so they won’t damage your hair.


If you’re taking all the necessary steps to increase your hair growth and you’d like to supplement the process, opt for a healthy supplement like Solgar Hair Skin and Nails or Starpowa Hair Supplements!


Are you trying to grow your hair? What have you found helpful on your hair growth journey?

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