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What Exactly Happens At Freshers Week At Aberystwyth University

What Exactly Happens At Freshers Week At Aberystwyth University

Uni life can be intimidating if you don't know what to expect. To be prepared, here is exactly what happens at Freshers Week at Aberystwyth University.

Uni life can be intimidating if you don’t know what to expect. So, to be prepared, here is exactly what happens at Freshers Week at Aberystwyth University.

You finally meet the Facebook friends!

If you took the initiative of joining all Aberystwyth freshers related pages during the summer, you probably ended up in a chaotic group chat with people from your course or accommodation. If you were extra lit in the chat you all probably ended up on a skype call playing an online version of Cards Against Humanity to 3AM. From 9AM move in, everyone starts putting in their flats and sadly you have not been placed with those you pictured being the turk to your JD but none the less you’re feeling pumped being recognised as your chat nickname. (literally was called Royal Doot more than my actual during freshers week.) 

Your parents don’t want to leave..

After helping you unload your toiletries folding your clothes into drawers and putting the covers on the pillows, parents will do anything to spend an extra 5 minutes with you.”Why don’t we look around the building you’ll be studying in?” “Should we go ask the parents next door do they need a hand?” “Shall we count all the hairs on each others head and start over if we drop one?” Although you love your parent dearly, you’re too excited and eager to go meet up with everyone that it’s just hard to look sad that your parents are leaving although don’t skip out on the hug when the do leave, there will probably be tears.



You will also forget you’re family exists (oops)

Freshers week is a the beginning of a new found freedom. After 24 hours of not hearing the words “if you’re living under MY roof you will adhere to MY rules,” you end up getting so caught up in your new ‘adulting’ lifestyle that you forget to ring your mum to tell her you haven’t got alcohol poisoning (although that could change pretty quickly anyways, bierkeller is tonight.) 

Everyone is a happy family in the flat (for now)

The flatmates will create a family bond within the two days after ordering a stone willy’s with the freshers discount before a night out but like a big brother twist, the late movers come in and change up the whole dynamic. First impressions aren’t the easiest during freshers especially with an alcohol driven mentality but don’t let that dishearten you, I pissed on my flatmates feet facing Yoko’s as the club was closed and she covered for me behind the telephone box.. pretty sure it was a bonding moment. The facebook Fromance between you and the accommodation groupchat will slowly deteriorate and you’ll end up being closer to your flatmates instead so this is the best time to get friendly with your flatmates because you will see their faces everyday on their best days, worst days and drunkest nights.



Freshers Fair Goodies

Best advice, bring a big bag for all that free swag. Yes walking around a tent with people giving a hypnotic stare for you to come to the stall may be quite intimidating but hella worth it.. although best going with a mate for moral support. The fair offers countless stalls that are useful for aber students such as transport guides, clubs and societies, local shops/charities and even a stall to buy wicked posters for your room. Some of the free merch I gained included;

  • 3 bags of spaghetti pasta
  • A mini Cactus
  • A room key lanyard equipt with bottle opener
  • An alcohol spikey (prevents pills being dropped into glass bottles)
  • A Greggs memory pen
  • Around 30 packet of sweets and about a dozen buns
  • Free alcohol token for The White Horse bar

You will also live on FREE Domino’s pizza for a week!

That’s right, you are going to be sick of pizza for the rest of your life after freshers week. Step 5 feet outside uni grounds, you are going to be given at least 15 flyers for free domino’s pizza. This is not a joke.. walking into town is like walking down the Malia strip with 100’s of club promoters but instead it’s pissing down raining and the promoters are trying to pass out as many flyers as possible possibly to go back to work in the kitchen. Although this sounds like a magnificent food porno, there is a catch:

  • It’s collection only.. I guess this means you can burn off some of the calories unless you have the luxury of a car.
  • It’s a personal pizza and you can only choose between plain cheese or pepperoni. My tip is to bring a friend or five that don’t like pizza and eat theirs too!
  • I’m pretty sure they take an email address or a mobile number in exchange for the free pizza so write down them fake email addresses and give the mobile numbers of your friends who will also hate you as they live in London so will resent the texts from Domino’s Aberystwyth.
  • The lines are so damn long.

You will fall in love with the beach

No Aber may not have a Nando’s or even a Top Shop but once you’ve explored the town and walk on to the beach you will be amazed at the sights. This will be the beginning of your beach hoarding photos as the views are so picturesque that it doesn’t even need an instagram filter. You will see tons of residents and even students by the beach having a fish and chips or an ice-cream and even bonfires later in the evening with a few cans. If you are the type that loves outdoorsy type activities, beside the beach is Constitution Hill which towers over the beach for a better view but if you’re lazy like me you will hear enough stories about it from friends and flatmates that you’ll feel like you were there spiritually.

Your freshers events band will go to waste

Admittedly, when the freshers list comes out, you want to buy the week pass which is around £35 for the whole week but the best route to go is just paying at the door. Some events are class such as a silent disco or a freshbook party but some events might make you cringe slightly. My advice would be get to your favourite events early as popular events start kicking people back after a certain time such as bierkeller last year. Odds are you won’t want to go to every single event and that’s okay, sometimes you’re liver may scream for a break and even if a few hours later you’re feeling the sesh again there’s always a *flat party somewhere close-by! (* if it hasn’t been shut down by campus porters yet although they seem more lenient during freshers week so if you want to party this is the best time.)


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Everyone loves hanging with their friends but sometimes you just need some alone time. Here are some of the best activities to do by yourself!

First night out on the town

Granted, Aberystwyth has a fair of pubs but when it comes to clubs you have 2 choices. The pier inn (known as just ‘pier‘ by the cool kids.) Or alternatively Why Not (If you ever call it ‘why not‘ even the taxi man will cringe for you as it’s actually referred to as it’s original name Yoko’s.. I’ve always wondered why it was called that? maybe Yoko Ono made an appearance once?

Pier is such a novelty when you go for your first time. It’s literally a nightclub… on a pier… in Aberystwyth. It’s got a bit of a DR Who tardis deal, it seems smaller and unsturdy on the outside but on the inside its got a decent size dance floor, bars on both ends of the club, purposely smashed mirrors above seating areas and a smoking area with a beach-view although you will question is it really worth it when you get a smacked in the face by the harsh sea winds.


Yokos has 2 types of people. People who love it, and people who hate it but Pier is closed and the party must go on. (especially freshers week!!!) Although the venue is around a quarter of the size, the drinks are cheaper. Also, beware of Yoko’s 10 curse. If you pull a Yoko’s 10 that means you thought you have grabbed yourself a prize but when you see them in the light of the kebab shop, you find out you have made a biiiiiiig mistake. People speculate it’s all in the yoko’s black magic lighting.. another strong possibility is beer goggles.

No matter which club you go to first if you are absolutely hammered and see the camera man, odds are you’re going to end up with a club picture which will make you re-evaluate your drinking choices for the rest of the year. Exhibit A below…..

The finale of Freshers

After a week for living on a diet of discounted takeaways, replacing the waters in your body with Jager you feel somewhat fragile and realise you’ve already put on a stone despite walking up and down the hills of Aber multiple times. You are told so many times of the horrors of “freshers flu” by older students but now the myth has came true as your throat feels coarse from the social smoking and downing vodka shots but lectures start in 2 days and there’s still one last event you need to soldier on through to which is the freshers ball!


The freshers ball is basically a normal disco in fancier clothes than usual with a photobooth and they have a grand chair outside it which produces at least 20 profile pictures, may as well hop on the band wagon and do it yourself. Most girls are in some fancy ass dresses but the lads on the other hand.. well at least you can expect law students to dress up snazzy. It’s the last event so the way to go out with a bang is to go out with a bang. The event has a prom feel to it so it’s definitely the best time to pull the fittie you’ve been eyeing up all week. I can’t promise a happily ever after but can promise it will make the week memorable.

Are you excited for Freshers Week at Aberystwyth University? If you’ve already been, how was your experience? Share in the comments below!
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