Everything You Need To Know About The Met Gala

The Met Gala: an annual event that celebrates fashion and art with the biggest names in entertainment in attendance.

Every year brings a new theme for the night which attendees are to embody. This years theme is Camp: Notes On Fashion. This very fitting theme embodies everything the Met Gala already showcases but takes it further by acknowledging the camp culture that inspires fashion and art every year.

Let’s take a look at all the things we are bound to expect and what famous faces we will hope to see at this year’s Met Gala.

The Theme

The theme of the Met Gala is one that many in the queer community would find familiar.

Camp fashion is inherently linked to the queer community with huge influences within the community setting the scene for the fashion industry and their trends.

The term ‘Camp’ itself came about as a way to describe men who dressed or acted feminine. The term hasn’t always been used in friendly ways but over the years has evolved into a term the queer community has reclaimed and chosen to include in their language. It is no longer derogatory or unkind but a way to describe a more flamboyant style.

Big influencers in camp fashion can be found in Elton John, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and many others who take risks and think outside the box.

Let us consider how the theme may be translated in fashion at the Met Gala.

How Camp Translates To Fashion

Camp fashion is known for being bold.

Bold can mean a great deal of things when talking about camp fashion. It can be translated in terms of colours, prints, and also general construction. I mean eccentric designs that are bold in size, not just the patterns.

Camp fashion can be dated back to the 70s and 80s where it was trendy to wear neon and sparkly items. Many of their trends would be considered camp these days due to their ties to disco, Studio 54 and Motown fashion.

We can expect to see this theme translated in ways such as parody, theatricality, humorous and ironic.

Camp fashion is all about having fun with your look and trying something dramatic. The Met Gala should be a success as long as the theme is upheld and creators have fun.

Audience For Camp

The Met Gala brings the camp aesthetic into an artistic space which it is most likely very familiar with.

The Gala itself celebrates art and design which often gains inspiration from the queer/camp communities. The best place for Camp fashion to thrive would be within an environment where the artistry and freedom of creativity will truly be appreciated.

See Also

Anyone who appreciates art, design, fashion, and theatricality would find themselves drawn to the theme of camp fashion as a form of self-expression as well as an exhibition of experimental art that could inspire and spark creativity.

The queer community is sure to find points of reference to popular culture in the collection on display as well as the fashion which will be exhibited at the event.

The Event

The Met Gala itself began in 1948 as a fashion fundraising event where members of high society would be of attendance and donate money in order to keep the Metropolitan Costume Institute funded in support of their new exhibitions.

The event has continued since then and been a huge event within fashion.

This year’s event will see Lady Gaga and Harry Styles co-hosting the event meaning they will probably have the most eye-catching looks of the night.

Check out all of the Met Gala coverage on May 6th and see the biggest celebrities in their camp fashion looks designed by the biggest names in fashion.

Feature image source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/307863324524470436/
Kristel Gusseva

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