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Everything You Need To Know About Sex In University

Everything You Need To Know About Sex In University

University is choas, so adding sex into the mix only makes the experience more complicated.Here are some tips and important points about sex in university.

University can be a challenging time for anyone being young and placed in a new but strange environment, so adding sex into the mix only makes the experience more complicated. But here’s why it may be more exciting than you think. Here are some tips and important points about sex in university.

1. Fresher’s week

The most important event on any university calendar when it comes to sex. This week will be a mix of drunken fuelled nights followed by lots of sex if you do it right. Meeting new people and introductions are hard but that doesn’t mean sex is off the table, for some they find someone they really like in a short period, for others it’s the one night stand, but that’s ok. The temptations and sex crazed part of university is always high on the first week and it may not be for everyone but for others it’s a great time to have fun and try new things.


2. Tinder

With apps like Tinder in today’s technology it’s hard not to bypass some form of sex culture and with university students it is the best use of app on the market. It creates an easy and casual ‘hook up’ culture for a no strings attached but fun time of sex and experimenting. Everyone on campus has it so there’s always that person nearby swiping right and waiting to message you, just don’t expect to find your soul mate they call it tinder for a reason.

3. The experimenting phase

Moving away from home is tough but it opens for new opportunities and what many student feel is the stage of their life to experiment ‘sexually’. This newfound openness to sex is huge at university and everyone’s more than happy to get on board. Everyone wants to test their likes and dislikes in a carefree and happy environment. Some want to learn more about sex itself and other want to see what sex is even like. The practice is good and although it won’t be perfect and you may discover a sexual awakening it’s all about being a good sport for yourself.

4. Consent

An important part which should always be mentioned. Sex at university should be safe and doesn’t need to be bad if we talk to one other. ‘Sex is not the answer, sex is the question, ‘YES’ is the answer.’ Many of us if we have been lucky have heard of the ‘tea’ concept explaining consent as plain as day …. if not watch this link, it explains it all, believe that it is a simple as the tea analogy.

5. Contraception

Hopefully those sex-ed classes at school are now paying off. And those giggly sessions of a weird penis diagram become the real deal. So, if deciding to engage in sex all that begin well can end well if you have the right tools. Universities have support hubs for free contraception, information about STIs and the risks of pregnancy so there’s no need to turn a blind eye. The only thing you can’t count on is how good the sex itself may be, that’s up to you bringing out your best moves.

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6. The common flatmate error

Everyone has seen or at least heard of the ‘myth’. The flatmate you live with that you feel is off limits but you can’t help wondering that if you slept together all could be ok. He/she is attractive and there has been the building tension for weeks so you think ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’. This can never end well; the sex may start off great and casual and university may be filled with more mature people than your previous high school crew but there will always be the awkward barriers created after and everyone you’re living with soon finds out.

These points may be your average university guidelines and everyone’s time is different. Just don’t be too hard on yourself or anyone else for getting hard for that matter. Always have fun ad be yourself, either way sex should be your feel good and your most controlled zone.

So on one last note: be yourself and use any advice wisely…..

Is there anything else you think we need to know about sex in university? Let us know in the comments below!
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