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Everything You Need To Do In London This Summer

Everything You Need To Do In London This Summer

London does not get enough credit for being an exciting destination during summer. You will not see happier people than in London when it is hot out.

London does not get enough credit for being an exciting destination during summer. You will not see happier people than in London when it is hot out. Last summer, the weather got crazy, and the temperature was as high as 36°C/96.8°F. In slightly colder circumstances, you get to enjoy just the right amount of warm weather without the sweatiness. London offers many opportunities to socialize and explore the city in the summertime, so do consider it. 

Frank’s Cafe

As soon as it is warm enough outside, Londoners’ first stop is rooftop bars, cafes, and restaurants. Frank’s Cafe is a rooftop bar in Peckham, located in South London. 

Frank’s Cafe is on the 10th floor of a multi-story car park, where you can enjoy breath-taking views of the skyline. 


Street Art Tour

For graffiti and street art fans, London is full of hidden places where you can find pieces by world-class street artists, including Banksy. It is a walking tour that usually takes around 2 hours it will take you through the ends of East London. 

The guide will overwhelm you with the knowledge you will not find online. It is great on a budget experience 


Little Venice

West London’s canals are often referred to as London’s Little Venice. The flower arrangements make it an Instagram worthy location.  It is perfect for just strolling around. 

The Thames

You will not miss this one – the river that flows through the whole city. Along the Thames, everything becomes alive during the summer. However, it could be worth considering exploring the Thames on a kayak. You would see attractions like Big Ben. London Eye on the way.

If you are not up for doing all the work while on the river, try out the Hop On Hop Off River Cruise. The cruises run on a regular schedule, with evening rides during summer. Throughout the ride, you will be close by to the Royal Observatory, Tower of London, Tate Modern, Borough Market and more. 


Attend A Festival

London is known for its incredible diversity in music. Some of the most legendary music names came out of London, so it is fair to say, you can get to see some of the best music festivals here. 

This year make sure to check out one of these: Field Day (Skepta, Jorja Smith, Pusha T), Lovebox (Chance The Rapper, Solange, H.E.R.), British Summer Time  (Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, Florence, and The Machine) and many more. 


Outdoor Cinema

There is not much rain during the summer in London. Therefore people will get to appreciate sitting under the sky and enjoy a movie night. The Rooftop Film Club is the most requested location. It does screenings in Peckham, Shoreditch, and Stratford. 

Running from May until September, you will get to enjoy movies of various genres ranging from The God Father to Mean Girls. 

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England’s pride is hosting Wimbledon each year. The grand slam tournament even anti-tennis fans will tune into. The tickets are hard to get by, but you will get the chance to watch the Wimbledon across Sheldon Square, Granary Square, Regent’s Place, and Exchange Square. It will take place from 1st July to 14th July. 

Notting Hill Carnival

Probably the last hoorah of the summer happens on the last weekend of August. The streets of Notting Hill come alive in color, in spirit and all the doors are open. All around the area, you will see dancers, drummers, speakers blasting, and it is as close as you can get to a Brazil carnival. 

Art Night 

A one night only event on 22nd of June will belong to Art Night. You can follow a trail of art across Walthamstow to King’s Cross. During this free all night event you will get to experience a programme of contemporary art, performance, music, and architecture. 


Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams at the Victoria And Albert Museum 

One of the most iconic fashion houses, the Christian Dior already opened its doors to the public. It takes place at the Victoria and Albert Museum. 

It features more than  500 beautiful items, dating from 1947 and more than 200 haute-couture outfits. You will also get to see Christian Dior’s very own possessions. It is open until 1st September. 


Would you recommend any exciting summer London attractions? Share in the comments.  

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