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Everything To Know About The Gold Collagen Face Mask

Everything To Know About The Gold Collagen Face Mask

Using a 24k gold collagen face mask promises a lot for your skin. But, this is what you should know about the face mask before you give it a go!

Everything about rubbing 24k gold on your face sounds magical. I mean, who wouldn’t want GOLD on their face?! But, what is the hype around it and is it actual worth it to buy the “affordable” masks from your fave beauty stores? Here is everything you need to know about the gold collagen face mask.

Everything To Know About The Gold Collagen Face Mask

Gold collagen face masks gained popularity a few years ago when celebrities started getting the treatment done at spas; costing them roughly $700. If you aren’t a celebrity and you haven’t hit the lottery, the golden facial is probably far out of reach. But, we can count on our favourite drug stores and makeup suppliers to make dupes to the expensive mask.

You can get gold collagen in the form of a mask in a jar or you can get mask sheets. It’s recommended to get the actual jar instead of the sheets for better results. But, do any of the “24k gold” masks provide better skin care than your average masks?

Everything To Know About The Gold Collagen Face Mask

It has been proven that gold helps to produce and maintain collagen; the protein in your body that tightens your skin and gives you youthful elasticity. Many of the masks on the market claim that the gold in them will help produce the collagen. But, the ingredient lists seem to say different.

Cosmetic products place the ingredients in descending order; the lower the ingredient on the list, the less of it there is in the product. I have yet to find a face mask that doesn’t list “24k gold” as the last ingredient, meaning that it is the least found ingredient.


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Everything To Know About The Gold Collagen Face Mask

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So, although many of these face masks will make your skin feel soft and fresh, it most likely isn’t going to give you that collagen boost that everyone is raving about. It also isn’t going to be filled with as much gold as you’d expect. If you love face masks (like me) then it is worth buying a 24k gold jar and trying it out anyway. Just don’t fall into the hype.

As for the $700 golden facial, I’ll be waiting for the day I can afford it to give a solid review. Until then, these masks from Amazon and Beauty Bay will do.

Have you tried using a gold collagen face mask!? Share your experience in the comments below!

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