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Everything To Know About Beauty Supplements: The Good And The Bad

Everything To Know About Beauty Supplements: The Good And The Bad

Did you know about beauty supplements and what they do to your body? Here's their pros and cons of them - check them out!

We are in a pandemic of girls and boys going under the knife on the hunt of perfection I guess people will do almost anything to be beautiful. Beauty supplements are just one of the means in which people are trying to achieve glowing skin. Although how do you know which ones to take and what is the long term consequences? We all tend to live busy lives a lot of us don’t have the time to keep our stress levels down naturally. So we turn to supplements for our bodies to cope. This article aims to find out the benefits of them and dangers.

Mood improvements

The reason so many people are opting to use these supplements is that it improves collagen and keratin in a person’s body. They are essential for nail growth and healthy looking skin. By taking these supplements many people have stated they feel better about their appearance due to this surge in levels. As their skin begins to glow it improves their confidence and as a result, they feel a lot happier within their daily lives. It has been proven happier moods lead to an increase in productivity which means everyone will benefit from you taking these supplements. Furthermore, there have been studies that show people who take beauty supplements are more likely to have healthier guts than their counterparts who don’t partake in these pills.

Shop wisely

Furthermore, it is impossible to avoid the onslaught of celebrities who endorse these types of products online. Through this, the use of supplements comes across as normal and completely safe; which some are. The danger comes when the consumer fails to research their product thoroughly before starting the tablets. When researching it is important to remember some important questions. Does the product boast synthetic or pure ingredients? As each ingredient will have a very different reaction to your body. Similar to food purchases, it is important to try to get the purest source possible as the purer it is the simpler the process becomes. Therefore, it is important to only buy brands you are familiar with and have a brand following as you can trust the product.


Side Effects

Although beauty supplements can be beneficial when taken in moderation alongside a healthy diet and exercise. Many can have detrimental effects on a person’s body. As beauty supplements contain active ingredients – in order to make the skin appear healthier – they can have a counter-reaction by reacting badly within a person’s body. This would lead to an onslaught of terrible symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, irregular heartbeat and elevated blood pressure. As dietary supplements are an over the counter purchase there aren’t strict guidelines for the product maker to stick to. This means that tons of the wrong information are getting communicated to the consumers which makes these products extremely risky.

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Watch your intake

As these supplements are not regulated by a doctor it is important to keep track of how many you have ingested. As it is possible to overindulge on vitamins as people get addicted to the results they begin having. If you are taking too much of your supplement over a substantial amount of time, then it can have detrimental effects. The human body is complex and one wrong move can cause trouble. By taking too much it can send your body into shock and the body could start attacking itself.


Therefore before starting yourself on a course of these supplements, seek your doctor for ones they would recommend. That way you safeguard yourself from problems that could arise later on.

What is your opinion on supplements? For or against?

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