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Every Type Of Guy You Will Date In Liverpool

Every Type Of Guy You Will Date In Liverpool

Going on a date in Liverpool can come with a mixed bag of different types of guys. Chances are that you've dated at least one of these men!

They say you know when you meet The One, but they never say anything about dating all the others. Before you can find The One you need to date a lot of guys who are Not The One. All these guys are going to make you laugh, cry or wonder what were you thinking, as they will shape your dating life. As a college girl in Liverpool you are definitely going to date at least some of these next characters. Here is every type of guy you will date in Liverpool.

The playboy

He wears pointed leather shoes paired with deep neck shirts and he’s always looking for someone. Someone who can be his next new adventure. Dating the Playboy is going to be fun, but short lived, so think of him like a hook-up, not a real relationship. Some girls would say he’s like the ultra-sexy shoes which you can only wear for 30 minutes before switching into something comfortable.

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The blogger

He’s the one who is going to be more interested in social media accounts, editorial links and metrics than kisses. Most of the times, anyway. If you ever forget a detail about your latest date with the blogger you can read all about it on his site, the next day. Some might even add the spicy details, so be prepared to meet his audience and date all those people as well.


These are every type of guy you will date in Liverpool.

The hipster

This is the ultimate cool guy you will date in Liverpool, who is wearing glasses just for fun and sports a beard. He knows everything about the trendiest places in Liverpool and he expects you to be just as interested in the latest high-tech gadget as he is.

The gym addict

His impressive body will definitely catch your eye at the gym or outside it. You can ask him how to do a proper squat or to open a jar. He will do both with a lot of pleasure, as he is driven by a manly desire to show off his muscles. In fact, he is going to show off his muscles all the time, wearing tight clothes. His kitchen is full of protein powders and each time you will call him he will be at the gym, building his muscle mass.


This is every type of guy you will date in Liverpool.

The mama’s boy

This guy is hard to detect, because nothing will give him away. You can meet him anywhere in Liverpool and he will be the perfect gentleman. Until you start talking about moving together and sharing household duties. He is still living with his mom or both parents and will insist to keep things that way. If you decide to move in together, you will have to accept living with his parents.

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The mom-pleaser

This is the guy your mother will love, sometimes even more than you love him. He is perfect: he is a Med student in the last year, his parents have a mansion in London and a holiday home in Venice, he is tall and knows how to dress. But he’s not attractive! You see him more like a brother than like a lover, so you have to move on.


This is every type of guy you will date in Liverpool.

The one who is obsessed with you

One night you were at the pub and you smiled to a guy. He smiled back and followed you to your table. Since that day he’s been following you everywhere. He changed his social media status to “engaged” and you are pretty sure he has build an altar for you in his room. This guy can be creepy.

The “what could have been guy”

This one slipped through your fingers, leaving you wondering how would have been. You are still sad when you remember him and you secretly hope to bump into him on a chill summer evening. He is the dream guy to date in Liverpool.

This is every type of guy you will date in Liverpool.

The guy you think you can change

You hate this guy’s clothes, hairstyle, smoking habit and his way of speaking. But you are sure you can change him, so you dive head first into a relationship with him. After six months of dating him you still haven’t managed to change any of his habits, so you have two options: stay and keep trying or walk out of it.

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The overly-possessive one

You’ve met this guy one night and had an affair with him. You thought that was the end, but when you start dating someone this guy suddenly shows up again, asking you to stay single. At the same time he’s not interested in dating you. He’s just possessive.

Who do you think is the type of guy you will date in Liverpool? Let us know in the comments!
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