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15 Essential Work Outfits To Buy From Zara UK

15 Essential Work Outfits To Buy From Zara UK

Sometimes dressing for work can get a little tricky; trying to balance looking cute, while still being professional. Don't worry, Zara UK has you covered!
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It’s puzzling that dressing for work can be simultaneously exciting but yet daunting, especially if you have no idea what would be appropriate. Luckily, many of our favourite high street shops have catered for exactly this and delegated sections of their stock entirely to office attire. And one of the brands leading the way in this field is Zara. From fitted and tailored blazers to midi skirts and shoes, see below for all the ways Zara UK has your work outfit covered.

1. Accessorise It

Finishing touches of gorgeous gold jewellery are sure to elevate any work outfit. The classic white shirt and trouser combination are classics on their own, but if you find you need a little something more for added glamour, accessories are the way to go.

2. Tailor It

It’s easier to achieve the tailored suit look than one might think, and this is without it actually being tailored on Saville Rowe. Zara’s exquisite gingham skirt flows with the natural shape of the leg, and combined with a white blazer serves for a beautiful natural silhouette curving to ones figure.


3. Shades Of Grey

Nerves of steel. Or a colour palette of steel with Zara’s grey office clothes. Divulge from the monotony of monochrome black and white, and try Zara’s grey trousers for a colourful revamping.

4. Springing With Florals

There is not one job a patterned suit cannot achieve. So tackle your day job while dressed to the nines in Zara’s matching floral trousers and blazer. You’ll be the office fashion guru in no time!


5. All Black Everything

Well except for the stripy monochromatic trousers. One can simply not escape the ease of wearing statement trousers as all that’s left to do is to dress simply, such as in all black.

6. Monochromatic Friend

When it comes to office wear, it’s no wonder we’re all big fans of sticking to staple black and white pieces; they can be both daring or modest depending on your preference. But the summer heat may mean feeling a little warm, so swap your trousers for Zara’s crisp white skirt, matched well with a black jumper.


7. Cold Shoulders

A one shoulder Zara blouse is sure to shake up your office status quo. A perfectly unusual addition to the work wet set, the one shoulder blouse is surprisingly versatile, blending in seamlessly with trousers or a skirt. Bring summer to the workplace with this amazing piece.

8. New Money

The white shirt is a classic, but stripes take the classic and bring it to a new level. When it comes to work wear and office outfits, a white shirt is the usual go to. But re write the rules and try Zara’s stripy blouse. Out with the old and in with the new.

9. Blaze of Glory

I discuss blazers a lot because I don’t think there’s anything they can’t do. From being that finishing touch in an outfit with trousers, to being the sophisticated jacket you need with your smart casual dress; a black Zara blazer should be the first item in any working wardrobe.


10. Modest Dressing

You’re not alone in your obsession with midi skirts. Completely modest yet bold, Zara’s white skirt is all you need when things get a little hot under the collar at the office. Ending just below the knee, this item is guaranteed to keep you cool.

11. Dress To Impress

Quite literally with Zara’s short summer dress. What makes this especially perfect for the office are the details on the sleeves: three quarter length and widened. Not too short, this dress is flowing with professionalism.

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12. San Culottes

Oh the culotte trouser; as if it wasn’t enough that they come in such a wide variety of patterns and styles, we’ve recently discovered how perfect they are as office attire. This is one piece of clothing that takes an outfit from casual to conference room in a jiffy.

13. Meeting In The Middle

Fans of the midi dress or skirt, prepare to be amazed. A dress exquisitely tailored for comfort on the go (such as straight to the office) is the solution to all office wear woes.


14. Such A Heel

While sandals might not be a typical go-to when dressing for work, Zara re writes the rules with these pearl beaded slippers, undeniably work ready. Maintaining a monochrome palette, the sandals look as chic as any stiletto. Style with trousers or a skirt.

15. Heritage Dressing

Tweed is the texture of the season. No office would be complete without it. Worn by the fashion paragons Coco Gabrielle Chanel and Jackie Onassis, meet the presidential suite of dressing.

These are 15 essential work outfits to buy from Zara UK! Share your thoughts and any questions in the comments below!
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